Who Was He?

Daniel Boone had 10 kids! Here is the list: James Boone, (1757-1773) Israel Boone, (1759-1782) Susanna Boone, (1760-1800)Jemima Boone, (1766-1773) Levina Boone, (1766-1802) Rebecca Boone, (1768-1805) Daniel Morgan (1769-1839). Jessie Bryan, (1773-1820) William Boone (1775-1775) Nathan Boone (1781-1856). Rebecca Boone (Wife!!). Daniel Boone died at the age date of September 26,1820 at the age 85. In 1782 Israel was killed by indians. Daniel didn't like to be trapped inside as a kid. He had 10 siblings as a kid. his brother (Squire Boone) had a blackmans shop. Daniel Boone lived from 1734-1820.

What Did He Do?

Daniel’s hunting knife had “D.Boon”engraved on the blade. People died from limited food supply but, mostly indians were killed. The Shawnee attacked fort boone for nine days. The indians used tor- ches,burning arrows, rifles and dug a tunnel. It rained and that helped forinter men. The fort didn’t burn. In 1778,Shawnee braves caught Daniel. Chief blackfish liked Daniel and gave him a new name ‘Big turtle’. Daniel could also make his own rifle.

Impact On The World?

People honored daniel by naming ‘Boone county’ after him, after he died at the age 85.

Should We Be More Like Him?

At the age of 82 he walked to YellowStone and back home. I think we should be more like him because of what he did.