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September 21- September 25

Note From Ms. Muehling

Hi Panthers!

Thank you for another wonderful week!

AISD has released some of the plans for our At School Learning Phase-In. I sent a letter last week describing how this could look at BW. I've attached it below as well. I will be having a 'Principal's Chat' Monday at 3:00 to review these plans and answer questions.

Many of our final decisions will be based on the number of students choosing to begin at- school learning and students choosing remote learning. Please complete the September Family Pulse survey by tomorrow so we are able to create class lists, determine staffing needs, and create our master schedule. Thanks for your support as we navigate these unknown and challenging times.

Have a wonderful week!

Peace, Love, Panthers!

Ms. Muehling

This Week's Events

Monday, September 21

  • Family Pulse Survey Due
  • Principal's Chat 3:00

Future Events

October 2
  • Principal's Coffee 10-11/recorded
  • BW Family Picnic Time/TBD
October 5
  • At-School Phase-In Begins
October 6
  • Virtual PTA Meeting 5-6
October 7
  • Ms. Muehling Goes on Maternity Leave
October 12

  • No School/Staff Professional Learning Day
October 19

  • Virtual CAC Meeting

Principal's Chat

Please join us Monday, September 21 for a 'Principal's Chat'. We will discuss the At school phase-in model beginning October 5. We will record this for any family unable to attend and post to LivingTree.

Topic: Principal's Chat

Meeting ID: 992 6219 7196

Passcode: 327192

September Parent Survey- DUE SEPT 21!!!

Your voice is always valuable to us, and especially now as the district continues working through reopening campuses for the 2020–21 school year. Below is a link to the final, short survey that asks your instructional model preference for your student(s) starting on October 6.

Answering this survey is critical for our campus reopening efforts by helping us understand what you think is best for your student(s).

Survey link:

Please note that surveys can only be taken once per each student enrolled. You will need your student’s ID number to access the survey and respond for your student. Questions about the survey or requests for help with the survey can be sent to

The link to the survey is also available on the main AISD webpage, on the Open for Learning webpage, on the AISD Facebook, on the AISD Twitter, on the AISD mobile app, and in the AISD Parent Cloud.

Please feel free to spread the word to ensure that all of our families’ voices are heard!

Morning Announcements

Happy Birthday Panthers!

We will be celebrating our Panthers' birthdays each week during Monday announcements. We will announce their name and sing Happy Birthday. We will celebrate all our August through September 26 birthdays tomorrow, Monday, September 21. Happy Birthday, Panthers!!!

Panther Proud Awards

We will begin to celebrate our amazing Panthers every Friday with our Panther Proud awards. Our Panther Proud Awards are a way for us to shine the light on the MANY wonderful things our young panthers do every day. It could be showing empathy, responsibility, respect, being an upstander, speaking out, showing perseverance, or many other skills. We would like to honor our students and celebrate their hard work.

Any grownup that works with our Panthers is able to nominate a student. Please fill out the following Panther Proud Award Nomination and they will be read during Friday Morning Announcements.

Panther Proud Award Nominations

Library Lines

Library Book Drop

We are ready to take back your library books! Bins will be placed in the library courtyard. The bins will be out from 8:30-3:00 each day. Please remember to practice social distancing and wear your mask. Please reach out to Ms. Kettler with any questions-

Technology Updates

Technology Available at BW!

If you need to pick up a device or need to request a device, please reach out to Ms. Kettler.

Device pickup procedure at BW

You will need to provide:

  1. Your child’s student id number

  2. The type and number of devices you are expecting to receive

(chromebook, Ipad)

When you arrive in the circle drive in front of the school please park and call the library office at 512-414-7593. You will be asked to provide your child’s full name, student id number and the type of device you are expecting. Please remain in your car while your device is being issued. Once the process is complete your device will be placed in a bin outside the library courtyard where you can then collect your items.

Video Tutorial: How to Request Technology on the Parent Portal

Family Technology Q&A

Technology Updates

Lost/Stolen student devices:

Families should follow the procedures outlined here.

Student devices in need of repair:

Families can take iPads, Chromebooks, and hotspots in need of repair to either your school or to one of the Curbside locations, where they can be swapped out as long as supplies allow.

“Power wash” Chromebooks to Update Zoom:

Students may notice that Zoom is out of date on their Chromebooks. Students and caregivers that Chromebooks must be “power washed” (restored to Austin ISD default settings) for Zoom to update automatically. Here is a step set as well as a link to a video.

MackinVia and Dreambox added to iPads:

The MackinVia and Dreambox apps have been added to iPads. Apps on the student iPads will soon be organized into logical folders to streamline student access and hide infrequently used apps and system apps.

Students use the Canvas Student app to access BLEND (and then Seesaw)

A video in English demonstrating this process can be seen here. A video in Spanish is in progress and a link will be provided as soon as it is available.

Student iPad Security and Student Safety

Please note: District-wide safety restrictions can be seen on the iPads under Settings> General > Device Management > JamfSchool MDM Management Profile > Restrictions. Families may see other options under Screen Time, but despite appearances, no Screen Time setting can be less restrictive than the General Restrictions pushed by the District. A flyer for distribution is available here.

Handbook for BLEND/Seesaw

BW Fall Master Events Calendar

Below is our tentative Fall Events Calendar. Please note that because AISD is a District of Innovation, vertical teams have different professional learning days that are not noted on the AISD Calendar. These days vary across the district and different elementary schools have different days off.


Grade Level Parent Representative

Please contact Jenny Shepard to learn more or sign up.

BW Fall Family Picnic

Are you ready for a new spin on our beloved Family Picnic? We are hoping to continue the tradition of time spent with family and friends outside, great food, and engaging entertainment. To this end we are launching KBWE, a completely auditory experience! Leave those screens at home on October 2nd and listen to our "radio" program...BUT FIRST WE NEED YOUR HELP!

STUDENTS! We would love to include your voices in the broadcast. Record yourselves answering the following prompt: What has been your favorite thing that has happened since we were in school together last March? Do you have a new pet to introduce? A memory to share? A new skill you learned? Please keep it short and sweet.

TEACHERS! You finally get to be the DJ! Record yourself giving a shout out to your students, and select a song we can play for all to enjoy (just send the title and we can track it down).

PARENTS! Do you have a talent for the tambourine? An expertise in electronica? Have you spent the last 6 months mastering the mandolin? We would love to broadcast your music as part of the celebration! (Note: this invite is for adults only, the kids get AXBW!)

Everyone is super busy this time of year but this can be a way for us to celebrate as a community so please consider participating! Audio files (of all types) can be uploaded here:

PLEASE SUBMIT NO LATER THAN SEPTEMBER 23RD!!! Any questions please contact Chad Kelly ( or Dana Singh ( via email or through Living Tree.

How to Get Involved

BW Buddy Program

As you may have suspected, this year at school is going to look a lot different...but hopefully we can find some ways to keep our Bryker Woods community strong!

One way is the new BW Buddies Program, where families new to Bryker Woods are matched with a returning "support" family via email. The support family can welcome the new family to Bryker Woods, and help answer any questions they may have. Hopefully, this partnership will make transitioning to a new school a little easier, and provide both parties with another connection during this time of distance learning.

If you are interested, you can sign up here: BW Buddies Program Sign-Up

Questions? Contact Dana Singh at or through Living Tree.

Additional Resource/Information

AISD Let's Talk

Have a question? Use Let's Talk! to get the answers you need. Families may call the Family Support line at 512-414-9187. You can also send a Let's Talk! text to (512) 886-6434. Support is available weekdays from 7 a.m.–5 p.m.

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