Math Vocab


Mean, Median, Mode, and Range

Mean: A calculated set of numbers added up and divided by how many numbers present.

Ex. 1+2+6+7+6+8+6 = 36 36/7 = 35r1

Median: The number(s) in the middle of the set of numbers. Ex. 1,2,6,6,6,7,8 Med: 6,6

Mode: The number that shows up more then others. Ex. 1,2,6,6,6,7,8 Mode: 6

Range: The difference between the smallest and largest number. Ex. 1,2,6,6,6,7,8 Range: 7

Prime Numbers

Prime Number: Is a number that only has multiples of one and its self.

Ex. 2, 3, 5, 7, 11, 13, 17, 19, 23, 29 are prime numbers.

Acute, Obtuse, and Right Angles

Acute: An angle smaller than 90 degrees.

Obtuse Angle: An angle that is more that 90 degrees but less then 180 degrees.

Right Angle: And angle that is 90 degrees.


Exponent: a quantity representing the power to which a given number or expression is to be raised.

Mixed Numbers

Mixed Number: A fraction that has an integer and a proper fraction.

Ex. 4 2/3 or Four and Two Thirds

Radius and Diameter

Radius- a straight line from the center to the circumference of a circle or sphere.

Diameter- a straight line passing from side to side through the center of a body or figure, especially a circle or sphere.

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Numerator and Domonator

Numerator- the number above the line in a common fraction showing how many of the parts indicated by the denominator are taken. Ex. 2/3 2 is the numerator

Denominator- the number below the line in a common fraction. Ex. 2/3 3 would be the denominator

DIvidend, Divisor, and Quotient

Dividend- a number to be divided by another number.

Divisor- a number by which another number is to be divided.

Quotient- a result obtained by dividing one quantity by another

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Straight Angle

Straight Angle- an angle of 180°
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