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District 200 has invested in a service to further support a culture of well-being for students, families and staff. ReferralGPS is a service that provides assistance in finding local mental health and substance abuse related treatment resources. This service compliments the district's existing systems of support as a tool for Student Services Teams and families to connect with treatment. Along with a searchable database of treatment options, ReferralGPS provides Care Navigation to assist families in triage and appointment setting. School district families and staff may access ReferralGPS in two ways:

  1. Contact a member of our Student Services Team (social workers, psychologists, counselors) to seek out treatment options

  2. Visit this link at https://referralgps.com/find-help/CUSD200 to search for treatment resources or connect with a Care Navigator anonymously

The platform has the ability to filter by mental health concern, clinician gender/specialty, location, and insurance acceptance. The service is available for all types of private and public insurance options including PPO, HMO, Medicaid, and families that are uninsured or underinsured. ReferralGPS is available for use by district students, families and staff at no cost. All information entered on the ReferralGPS tool is completely confidential and securely stored. Please note, this service is an optional resource available by choice and is not mandatory in any way. If you are interested in seeking counseling-related services at this time, please consider reaching out to the Student Services Team or visiting https://referralgps.com/find-help/CUSD200.


January 10th ~ Return from break

January 13th ~ End of 2nd Quarter

January 16th ~ No School ~ Martin Luther King, Jr. Day

January 18th ~ Incoming Freshman Night at Wheaton North

January 31st ~ Monroe Orchestra Step Up Concert at Wheaton North

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Tryouts will be January 18th, 19th & 20th

7th grade: 3:00 - 4:30 pm

8th grade: 4:30 - 6:00 pm

Please make sure that you have a sports physical on file, you cannot try out without one.

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PACE Testing for Students Currently in 6th and 7th Grade

PURPOSE: Testing results will be used to qualify students for 7th grade Fast-Paced Language Arts, 7th grade Fast-Paced Mathematics, 8th grade Fast-Paced Language Arts, and 8th grade Fast-Paced Mathematics✪ for the 2023-2024 school year.


  • Any middle school student who lives in the District 200 attendance area is eligible to participate*.

  • Students are invited to test based on parent and/or teacher recommendation.

Specific dates and times will be determined at your child’s school for in-person testing

Results will be made available in May 2023.


Should your student be interested in PACE testing for possible PACE placement for the following year, please complete the parent referral form and submit by email to the PACE office at pace@cusd200.org by February 1, 2023.

(Should this date be missed, the next possible testing time will be made available in the summer)

✪ Entering 8th-grade students whose scores initially qualify for FPM will also need to complete and pass a High School Algebra 1 Class (summer school) and CUSD 200 Algebra Local Assessment before finally qualifying for 8th grade Fast Paced Math for the next school year.

*Students who currently attend a private school or are homeschooled, but reside in the District 200 attendance area, are eligible for the PACE Testing. If a student qualifies for the PACE Program under these special circumstances, it becomes the parent’s responsibility to provide transportation to and from classes. The parent must consider scheduling issues when making a decision regarding participation in the PACE Program.


With the changing cooler weather, we are starting to see an increase in illness in general. Please remember to keep your child home if they are ill, and call the attendance line with the symptoms that they are experiencing.

1. Fever of 100.00 or higher (Students must stay home for 24 hours after fever subsides without use of any medication)

2. Cough not related to asthma or allergies

3. Cold symptoms of runny nose/congestion

4. Sore throat

5. Vomiting (Students must stay home for 24 hours after symptoms subside without use of any medication)

6. Diarrhea (Students must stay home for 24 hours after symptoms subside without use of any medication)

Testing for covid or the flu is always recommended, but if no testing is completed, please keep your child home until symptoms are improving, and if they have a fever, vomiting, or diarrhea, please follow the guidelines above.

Thank you and always reach out with any questions or concerns:

monroehealthoffice@cusd200.org or call 630-682-2285

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January 17th, 2023

March 14th, 2023

May 16th, 2023

All meetings are held in person in the LLC starting at 7:00 pm, with a virtual option via Zoom.


Don't forget to reserve your child's' Monroe Middle School 2022-23 yearbook. The yearbook will be distributed the last week of school. All orders are due in January. Yearbooks may be purchased through MySchoolBucks. Order yours today!

8TH GRADE PARENTS: Don't miss the opportunity to create a special memory for your child in their yearbook.

8th graders (secretly) love to see their baby picture and a message in the yearbook. To participate, please do the following:

1). Make sure your child's name is on the back of the photo.

2.) Place a photo, message (no to exceed 25 words), and $20 in the yearbook box in the front office. Please make checks payable to Monroe Middle School.

Any questions, contact Julie Whelton at Julianne.Whelton@cusd200.org


About the Event:
Each department within Monroe nominates an 8th grade student who most clearly exhibits
the six principles of the Medal of Honor: Courage, Sacrifice, Patriotism, Citizenship, and In-
tegrity. Students who are nominated should also have a commitment for his/her academic
achievement, dedication to the school’s values and outstanding character.

The nominated students, in turn, select a teacher from Monroe Middle School who has
impacted them in a special way throughout their educational experience. The student
and parent(s), along with the chosen faculty member, will be honored during a dinner
at a banquet ceremony.

This dinner not only honors the students and their achievements, but also the teachers
and parents whose time and dedication have helped to shape these young men and

How You Can Participate:
Monroe Middle School invites community businesses, parents and teachers to have a hand in this distinguished celebration by becoming a sponsor of the event.

Premier Sponsorship $500
* Table sponsorship with logo recognition
* Two event tickets
* Acknowledgement with logo in Friday Focus on Learning
(e-newsletter distributed to 11,000+ residents)
* Acknowledgement with logo on Monroe School’s website
* Verbal recognition at event
* Acknowledgement with logo in event program

Red Sponsorship $250
* Table sponsorship with logo recognition
* Acknowledgement with logo in Friday Focus on Learning
(e-newsletter distributed to 11,000+ residents
* Acknowledgement with logo on Monroe School’s website
* Verbal recognition at event
* Acknowledgement with logo in event program

White Sponsorship $100
* Acknowledgement with logo in Friday Focus on Learning
(e-newsletter distributed to 11,000+ residents)
* Acknowledgement with logo on Monroe School’s website
* Acknowledgement with logo in event program

Blue Sponsorship $50
* Acknowledgement with logo on Monroe School’s website
* Acknowledgement with logo in event program

Friend Sponsorship $25
* Acknowledgement with logo in event program

Please join us in sustaining a meaningful tradition at Monroe Middle School and celebrating the students and faculty who make this school the wonderful place it is. When we work together to
recognize achievement and character, our schools, our community, and our children all benefit.

For questions, please contact Anthony Crespo, Assistant Principal, at 630-682-2456 or anthony.crespo@cusd200.org.

If you can and are willing to donate, please make your checks payable to Monroe Middle School and send it to:

Monroe Middle School
Attn: Anthony Crespo
1855 Manchester Road
Wheaton, Illinois 60187

“The Eagle Honor Dinner is a memorable event that brings students, families, and staff together to celebrate each other! I enjoy seeing the pride parents have for their child and the smiles
on the faces of our students who are grateful to be recognized for their accomplishments. It is a special moment for everyone involved! ”
Tamy Scioli
8th Grade ELA Teacher

“The Eagle Honor ceremony has been an outstanding way to recognize those students and staff who have made a lasting impact on others. It has provided a unique opportunity to bring together stakeholders throughout the community and allows relationships to be developed in ways that the traditional school setting does not allow for. ”
Joseph Drover
Social Studies Teacher

“What an incredible night! The Eagle
Honor Dinner was a celebration of
students and faculty!”
Dr. Charlie Kyle
Assistant Superintendent

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