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September 16, 2016

News and Information

Oak Hill Homecoming Dress Up Days! Sept. 19-23

Monday- American Day, Wear Red, White and Blue

Tuesday- Twin day- pick a friend and dress alike

Wednesday- Hippie Day- dress like a hippie from the 60's

Thursday- Crazy blue and gold- wear as much blue and gold as you can

Friday- Homecoming Shirt Day- wear your homecoming or Converse t-shirt

If you’d like to sit with your child at lunch we’d love to have you. Lunch begins at 11:25 a.m. If you wish to eat the school lunch, please call the office to order a tray.


We continued our whole group instruction on character analysis and visualization. It is important to visualize (make pictures in your head) while reading to better understand what is happening in the story. We also worked hard on fluency. Fluency means reading smoothly, with correct expression and pausing / stopping at punctuation. We worked hard on those parts of fluency this week. There are other parts to fluency that we will be covering later.


Math skills this week:

  • reading, understanding and solving addition and subtraction word problems

Math Fact Program:

You child has been working through our new math fact program at their own pace. Monday- Thursday we have 2 minutes to work the column of addition and subtraction problems. We also practice the facts with math fact apps and flashcards. On Friday, each child is assessed on their current level of addition and subtraction facts. Students must earn a 95% or better on the Friday test to move on to the next set of facts. We are shooting for automaticity in math facts- this means students need to memorize them based on number sense and fact strategies. Please feel free to time your child on their fact homework each night. The facts they don't get done in the 2 minutes, they still need to finish before they turn in their homework the next day.

English and Writing

Writing Skills: We created a rubric to use when we write to ensure that we are including all of the things good writers do. We also working on writing a response to literature in the form of an opinion using evidence from the text in our piece. This is something they will be doing in 3rd grade on the ISTEP test.

English skills: distinguishing between declarative and interrogative sentences, imperative sentences, exclamatory sentences

Spelling Words--





















Homework Help and Hints!

Sequencing the events is a story is a difficult concept for many children. When you read a book aloud to your child or when they read one to you, try having them make a bulleted list of the events in the order they happened. You can even color code the events to show beginning, middle and end. Here is an example from Imogene’s Antlers, by David Small, a book we read earlier this year. By the way, using phrases for this activity instead of complete sentences takes some of the frustration away because they don’t have to focus on a capital, end mark and subject/ verb agreement. Also, they could verbally retell you the story and you could write it down for them.

  • Thursday Imogene work up with antlers
  • Trouble getting dressed and going downstairs
  • Mother fainted
  • No help from doctor and principal
  • Brother Norman looked in encyclopedia- rare form of miniature elk
  • Mother fainted
  • Family called milliner
  • Milliner made a huge hat
  • Mother fainted
  • Practiced piano and went to bed
  • Woke up without antlers
  • Grew peacock feathers

Data Binders- Look for them Monday

Important Events


7 End 1st Nine Weeks

14 Report cards posted to Skyward

14 Fall Party

17-21 Fall Break- no school

23-31 Red Ribbon Week

Use these 2 pages to help your child with their homework this weekend!