Media Literacy

Leighton Smith

What is Media?

There are many ways to describe media and how it affects our generation. Media is any means of communication linking the whole world together. Media can be anything from 11 o’clock news to twitter or Facebook. Media is a very useful tool that provides important information and keeps people updated with what is occurring in the world. People use media every day, even without them knowing it. It could be the radio in the car, twitter on their phone, or the news playing on the TV. It keeps people informed and educated about current events and important topics that we deal with day to day. People can use media to research topics and improve their knowledge on certain topics. Media also links people together, new friends, old friends, business partners and team mates, so people can be in the know about what others are doing at all time. However, even with all these positive aspects there is a downfall to media. Media can spread rumors or news that is untrue. For example, on twitter people start trends that a certain person has died when in fact they are alive and well. Also, media can fog people’s perception of a topic or current event. Another downfall is, there is no sense of privacy, because once something is on the internet is there for good for all to see. Media can build something to be so corrupt that people start to think that way. To be media literate is being able to access, distinguish, and utilize the media. Being able to use and integrate the vital information media produces in everyday life is a helpful tool to have.

Coca-Cola - Going All The Way - Official :60

Going All The Way- Coca Cola

The Coca- Cola Company in the commercial, "Going All The Way" asserts that an ice cold Coca-Cola will help you achieve your dreams. Coca-Cola supports their assertion by demonstrating that even the smallest kid on the team can take the ball all the way in for a touchdown and end up on an NFL field. The commercials purpose was to show that something as small as a coke can help the drinker achieve even their wildest dreams. The commercial depicts a humorous tone for the young kids that inspire to do something big, especially young athletes.

Senioritis Victim Numbers Skyrocket in South

ATLANTA- As more and more students in the south are being diagnosed with Senioritis, the CDC is rushing to find a cure. They aren't having much success and the symptoms are growing. If you aren't sure what the symptoms consist of, here is a short list:

-You constantly find yourself not completing classwork and homework

-You find it hard to focus

-You lack motivation/ determination

-All you want to do is sleep

-You find yourself constantly being “literally unable to even”

-rise in appetite, causing you to eat all day

-High anxiety levels

-High stress levels

If you have 2 or more of these symptoms, consult your local doctor because you might be severely sick. “The only known cure for now is to stay in bed all day and watch as much Netflix as possible”, says Dr. Ben Dover.

Recent studies have shown that symptoms can occur in students as low as 5th grade. “The youngest child we have recorded with symptoms of Senioritis was in 5th grade, he refused to write his daily diary and demanded more nap time”, says Senioritis Specialist Hugh Janus.

The severity of the case depends on the patient. In some severe cases it can hinder the student from completing any work in and out of the classroom. With no work getting done the patients’ grades plummeted. Other students are lucky and experience lighter symptoms. One patient only showed signs of procrastination.

Senioritis has made its way online with patients constantly tweeting about their illness. This is likely to occur, however nobody is really interested in what they have to say. An example of these posts would be:

“This 2:40 is about to be the death of me”.

This was tweeted by Senioritis patient Jalen Teague, or known by his peers as @40Racks.

As the semester winds down and the school year is coming to an end, Senioritis patients are all experiencing the same problem; bringing their grades up. There is no easy way to be successful in this aspect, but students manage to get it done. Some attempts include students cheating their way through the finals, doing as much extra credit work as possible, sucking up to the teacher begging them to round your grade up, or, my personal favorite, buying them Chick-Fil-A everyday. Most students will succeed in this process however, 1 and 10 Senioritis victims will be sitting in that same desk next fall.

Seniortitis Stumps School Students

Potential WWII Avoided!!

A potential World War was avoided yesterday, December 7, 1941. The US army intercepted intel on a potential attack on US soil. The Japanese were planning to launch a massive surprise attack on Pearl Harbor, home to as many as 17,000 soldiers, and 20 American Naval vessels. The Government is not releasing the source of the intel to the public; some things are better left to the imagination.

The US immediately took action as soon as they received info on the attack. FDR and some of the leading generals of the US Army sent 10 battleships in the direction of Japan. These vessels were escorted by many small patrol boats, and a great deal of our Air Force. We were ready for a fight but we were hoping to scare them out of attacking us. Tensions were high when our fleet was approaching Japanese waters and air space. We managed to get Japanese generals on the radio to discuss the situation; stand down or we release fire.

Hours pass and tensions grow to a record high point. The whole country stood on its toes not knowing what would happen next. FDR showed his amazing leaderships skills in this tough situation. He managed to keep calm during this whole situation, and he made the right decision. The Japs stood down and the fleet started its triumphant return back to US soil. This is a great victory for the US. Over 17,000 men’s lives were saved with avoiding this attack.

Who knows what would have happened if the Japanese would have successfully carried out their demented plan to bomb Pearl Harbor. It would have been a day that would have lived in infamy. We might have been forced into war with Japan. And with starting this war we would have been forced into join the war in Europe to ensure we have allies. Who knows what the outcome if these wars would ensue; atomic bombs? Struggle in the home front? Death of many young American soldiers? Conflict with other nations, perhaps Germany or Russia? Internment camps for all Japanese American citizens? Luckily we do not have to worry about these problems any more.

Many people are now asking what does the future have in store for the US? That’s a good question that is nearly impossible to answer. With the war in Europe worsening who knows what scare could pop up nest to take down the greatest nation on the planet. On the other hand word is getting out about something called the Manhattan Project. Not a lot is really known about this project except that it might be able to change the way people fight wars. People wonder if this project is being made to end the wars in Europe, or this project is to prepare us for entering the wars. It’s too early to tell what this project is about but I sure do hope with its completion it brings an era of peace and tranquility around the globe

Pearl Harbor Attack

I choose to re-write this specific event history because it had a major impact on US history. We constantly learn about the deaths and tragedies that came along with the bombings.


Power (Clean)

This song could be the theme song to 1984 because it talks about the problems people are faced with when they acquire power. Although Kanye West relates this back to some of his personal experiences there are some lyrics that directly describe the dystopian society of Oceania in 1984. For example, lyrics such as,” The system broken, the schools closed, the prison's open”, “No one man should have all that power”, and “Reality is catching up with me, taking my inner child I'm fighting for custody” relate directly to Oceania in that the system is broken and instead of going through school more and more people are being thrown in jail for thoughtcrime and betrayal, also the Party shouldn’t have the amount of power it has even if it is for their own sake, bad things are sure to come when someone or something acquires copious amounts of power, and finally, in the book Winston is fighting for the custody of his “inner child”, or thoughts in his case, while the Party and reality are catching up with him trying to eradicate all of his own thoughts so he will become a perfect party member that loves the party and desires nothing.

Reflection Over the Past Semester

This language arts class has been different, interesting but different. In past language arts classes you study authors of a given era, learn syntax and grammars clues, graph sentences and write essays about laws of life. This class you learn about the modern types of literature, which is, media literature. Anything that is online, social media, news, videos, and satires, is media literature and during the course of this class we have learned how to properly utilize these tools at our disposal. We will use this technology and information through the remainder of our academic careers and all throughout our corporate careers. I have learned a lot during this semester, things such as that the internet is permanent, slacktivistism is real thing, and even how to properly write a satirical article. Anything and everything you post, send, read, and tweet will always be on the internet for anyone to access. This is a scary thought, your future employers will be able to do some research and see everything you posted or tweeted, and this could damage your chances of getting that job and providing for you family. So, next time you get a little upset or you are having a little too much fun, just think before you upload that picture or post something harmful to your future. With the turn of the century everything is available at your fingertips all you have to do is provide your email and a password. This has created a generation of lazy people or slacktivist if you will. People that want to get there point out but are too lazy to actually go out and get something done, so they just make a post about it and call it quits. This is not a good thing because, we need more people that are willing to go out and get things done. The only thing I would change about this course is eliminate some of the work. Let’s be honest, this is a senior year class and no senior wants to do a lot of work.