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Week 3, 4th November 2021


Kia ora,

It is wonderful to see our tamariki all so enthusiastic about swimming. A reminder to whanau that if it is your child’s swimming week they will swim everyday. Please ensure that your child has togs and a towel in a suitable bag.

Our pool is heated so most days during Term 4, classes will be able to swim no matter what the weather is doing. All of our tamariki are expected to join in with swimming unless they have a note from their parent or caregiver which says they can not join in due to medical reasons.

I have included a copy of the swimming timetable below. It is Week 4 next week. Please encourage your child to get their togs and towel organised ready for Monday.

During Week 6 we will have instructors from ‘Making a Difference’ Swim Programme who will be working with our tamariki in Whakapoungakau Team. It is great for staff and students to learn from these skilled instructors.

A reminder that we have Teacher Only Day on Friday 5th November.

Ngā mihi

Sarah Thompson

Glenholme School Principal

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Principal's Award

Awarded to students making exceptional effort and or achievement at school, therefore deserving of acknowledgement and recognition.

Whakapoungakau Team

A1: Mihiaira Turner-Houkamau for being a fun and positive student. You are developing great collaboration skills and can work successfully with a variety of other students in the class. Mihiaira always has a happy and cheerful attitude towards learning and her peers. Mihi shows our school value of being a risk taker daily by always giving her best. A1 is lucky to have you in the classroom, Mihiaira. Ka Pai o Mahi Mihi. You are amazing!

A2: Amy Enhui for being an exceptional learner in A2. She has gained greater independence throughout the year and will use many of the Glenholme Learning Dispositions when she is stuck. Amy has made fantastic progress in her writing using descriptive adjectives and verbs to make her writing interesting. Keep up the great mahi Amy!

A3: Eden Palmer for showing improved enthusiasm to take charge of her own learning and for striving to achieve excellence. Eden has been demonstrating a positive attitude towards her learning and is beginning to take risks. Keep up the great mahi Eden, we are lucky to have you in A3.

A5: Kahu Wineera-Ryder, you are a considerate, happy student who constantly thinks about others. You share your belongings and time, you show respect for the diverse range of learners in A5, and always go out of your way to be inclusive and helpful. You are happy to take risks and are becoming fantastic at self regulation. Kahu, you are Tu Meke!

Tihiōtonga Team

B1: Jaden Rudolph-Niania for becoming a risk taker. You are continually on task, complete your work to the best of your ability but are not afraid to make mistakes and ask for help if needed. You are beginning to understand the importance of the learning pit and are gathering a variety of strategies to assist when you get stuck. Ka mau te wehi!

B3: Ashiya Kumar for her outstanding attitude and effort in everything she does. Ashiya always displays the Glenholme School Values and Dispositions and strives for excellence with her work. She has a positive attitude towards her learning and makes good choices in the classroom and the playground. Keep up the fantastic effort Ashiya!!

B5: Jordyn Haturini for her excellent writing. Jordyn is writing longer, more detailed stories independently. She is able to re-read to check that her work makes sense and add any details she has missed. Jordyn's writing is always well thought out and has a clear beginning, middle and end. It is always interesting to read. Well done Jordyn, keep up the excellent effort.

B7: Te Aorangui Topp Rua is a respectful, polite, well mannered young man who interacts well with all his classmates. He understands the importance of staying focused during lessons and displays a great attitude towards his learning. Te Aorangi exhibits our Glenholme Learning Dispositions of Risk-taker, Self Regulator and Collaborator. He occupies his time constructively and works cooperatively with other students in small groups, readily sharing his thinking and ideas. Keep up the great work Te Aorangi.

Pukehangi Team

B4: Bianca Kelemete for having made a big effort to stay in the waka. She has been following the school rules, coming back to class on time and using her inside voice consistently. She has stayed in the waka all day for the last two weeks. Bianca's efforts to improve her attitude at school really show and she deserves to be rewarded. Well done Bianca. Keep up the great work!

B6: Māia Phillips - Te Whenua for being an excellent learner and a calm, sensible role-model in our class. Māia listens carefully and works well on all tasks. He can be relied on to do his best work. Māia shows initiative and solves problems thoughtfully. He is a happy, helpful student. We love having you in B6, Māia !

A6: Pushti Pushti for being an outstanding learner and team member in A6! You have impressed Mrs Kiel with your enthusiasm towards your learning this term, you love to share your ideas in reading and you are keen to extend these ideas by asking questions. Keep up the determination Pushti!

C6: Aurora Pomare-Rikihana for having a fantastic positive attitude to her learning. Aurora, you have been trying so hard and this shows in the progress you have been making, especially in Mathematics where you are being an awesome problem solver. Keep up the hard mahi Aurora, you are a C6 Superstar!

C7: Carter Bangs for your love of Mathematics, it has helped your monkey swing so high up the progressions on the wall! In Writing we have been working hard at building your confidence so that you can write by yourself and now you are, yay! Ka pai Carter, keep up the hard work.

C8: Izayah Keepa for his great attitude towards learning. Izayah, it is great seeing you involve yourself in all learning experiences. I can tell you are trying your best and putting a lot of effort into your Reading, Writing and Mathematics. You are making good progress. Well done Izayah! Keep up the fantastic work!

C9: Kaydon Cree for being an enthusiastic learner . Kaydon is keen to join in with all class activities. He is a motivated learner who focuses on achieving the next steps in his learning. Kaydon always displays the school values. His enthusiasm lights up the day. Kau mau te wehi!


C8’s Greedy Cat Artwork


School Payments

To keep up with digitization and the increasing demand for safe payment options, Glenholme School prefers payments to be way of eft-pos and online banking methods. Online transactions provide a safe and convenient way for parents/caregivers to keep track of your childrens' school-related finances.


  • 5 November - Friday - TEACHER ONLY DAY - Guy Fawkes Night
  • 12 November - Friday - Parent Request Forms close
  • 12 November - Friday - Road Patrol Reward Day Cancelled
  • 1 December - Wednesday - Pukehangi Celebration Day
  • 10 December - Friday - Whakapoungakau Fun Day
  • 13 December - Monday - Pukehangi/Tihiotonga/Whakapoungakau Team Award Ceremony
  • 14 December - Tuesday - Last day of Term 4 (12.30 close)

These dates are for your information. Due to Covid-19 restrictions unfortunately for celebrations and assemblies we are unable to have parents/caregivers on the school grounds.

Girl Guiding NZ

Do you know a girl who would like to have fun and learn new skills as part of an up to date organisation in your local area?

If so, GirlGuiding NZ is here:

Pippins: 5 & 6 year olds

Brownies: 7 – 9 ½ years old

Guides: 9 – 12 ½ years old

Rangers: 12 – 17 years old

For further information please contact: GirlGuiding New Zealand

0800 22 22 92

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