Blue Bell

Blue Bell's chocolate Ice Cream make you smarter!!!


Researchers in Antarctica have recently proved that Blue Bell's chocolate ice cream makes you smarter. This ice cream has made tons of people smarter, Infants are now starting to read at the age of 3 years old!! The demand for chocolate ice cream has increased buy 200%, and is expected to continue increasing. The demand for H-E-B chocolate ice cream is rapidly going down.



The population of Houston has rapidly decreased by 210,000 people!! The demand for everything is going down including houses, bread, meats, etc. The demand for houses in the north is increasing.

Guy in Friendswood got a huge raise at his job!!


The demand for Chef Boyardee ravioli is increasing while H-E-B ravioli is decreasing because with his new job he can actually afford it. He is going to prefer a more popular brand than an off brand now that he has more money than he did before.
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Bow tie noodles have less calories than Macaroni noodles


Researchers have found that Bow tie noodles have less calories than macaroni noodles. Kraft is now switching to Bow tie noodles to make customers buy more of their noodles
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Price of milk is expected to rise within the next week!


Cows are becoming scarce in the south, so the price of milk is expected to rise buy 2 dollars. The demand for Almond milk is going to increase because it's cheaper than regular milk.
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