October, November, December

the Oh MY! Edition

Starting Out

Ok we have hit some bumps in the road at the start of this season, but I suspect things will begin smoothing out now. Some new things to look for in this edition are that I have created a google calendar and OM Pinterest Board. Both are embedded on my Edlio site, and the links are below. The calendar includes all the upcoming events till December. More details will come on each of them so stay tuned.

Soon, when the students have their scripts nailed down, I will be sending out requests for materials. It's not mandatory that you provide the materials, however if we get them donated/borrowed we don't have to list the full cost of the item on our cost form we can "yard sale" price it.


The next saturday practice will be 10/24 and we will be meeting at the Home Depot in Leavenworth from 10-12. The purpose of this practice is so that the students can explore various materials to determine how they want to make their sets. I will provide them with a list of things I would like them to look at and research, but from there the students are free to use their imaginations with selecting their set building materials. They just need to keep their budgets in mind. With knowledge of construction/building are encouraged to stay and guide the teams. You can TEACH them about the materials but ultimately the decision on what they use has to be theirs.

We will have our next Fundraiser on 10/27 at the IHOP in Lansing. We will be there from 4-9pm. We will work out shifts with the students from IKE to work the front table and to greet the guests, we don't need a lot of people at a time there. Please invite anyone you know to join us, we receive 10% of the evening's earnings.


This is a light month. Other than our standard Monday practices we will only have Spontaneous Day. Spontaneous day takes place at Campus High School in Haysville, Kansas. It is NOT a competition. It is just a day for the kids to practice Spontaneous problems and attend some workshops. All kids will need to bring a sack lunch and snacks are sold at the event for $1 each. Also, please bring food to share for the bus since we will not be stopping for breakfast or dinner.


There is a TBD date in December to have a Field Trip to the thrift shop on post. We may or may not be able to do this during or TEAMS challenge time, and we might not be able to do it at all, but it is something we are looking into.

December 10th is the night of the Patton Band Concert, so to piggy back off that lovely evening, we will be doing a Spaghetti dinner! We will pre-sell tickets to the dinner and sell them at the door (Probably will be $5 for a ticket). If we can get volunteers to provide the noodles, sauce and bread sticks that would be awesome. More details to come on this event as we get closer to December.

Same stuff but in a different way!

Home Depot Field Trip

Saturday, Oct. 24th, 10pm

The Home Depot, Leavenworth, KS, United States

Leavenworth, KS

IHOP Fundraiser

Tuesday, Oct. 27th, 4-9pm

484 North Main Street

Lansing, KS

Spontaneous Day

Saturday, Nov. 7th, 5-6:30pm

2100 West 55th Street South

Wichita, KS

Spaghetti Dinner

Thursday, Dec. 10th, 4-6:30pm

Patton Cafeteria