Gregor Mendel

The Father of Genetics

Who is Gregor Mendel?

Gregor Mendel was a guy who studied the basics of heredity. Mendel made hyposthesis and observations and then became the father of genetics.

Early Years

Gregor Mendel had many advantages and disadvantages. Mendel had great relationships with his teachers, and got accepted into the University of Olomouc. He also entered the Augustinian Monastry. There was not just good things happening, but also, Mendel had struggles. Some of the struggles that Mendel faced were, failing tests. Mendel failed all of his tests. He also had a family that was poor, therefore, he couldn't afford schools. When he was done with school he couldn't get a job as a teacher so he went back and helped his parents on the farm.

Experimental Design

For Mendel's experiment, he wanted to find the genetics of pea plants. Mendel researched facts of their heredity. He fertilized them differently. He had all different fertilizers and tried them on the same plant to see which one grows good. He graphed all their characteristics.

Science Reactions

Scientists were extremely confused on what Gregor was trying to do with the pea plants. Gregor explained what his procedure was. They didnt understand how the yellow pea plants and green pea plants crossed, but they turned out all yellow. That was because of the dominant plant (yellow pea plant) is overrulling the recessive (green pea plant)


The data that he found is to prove the characteristics of the pea plants. He had one yellow pea plant and one green pea plant and he crossed them. His results were yellow pea plants.


Dominent is the trait that overpowers another. Recessive is a gene covered by a dominant gene. A CoDominant is a gene that isnt dominent or recessive.


All of Mendels research created the foundation of genetics. Traits make up us according to Mendels data and studies. We learn how our genetics are made and passed on generations down.