Es jueves y Sra. K está preocupada!

Students are behind schedule!

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Aviso: There is a lot due by end of day tomorrow PLUS eLinguafolio update.

Estudiantes, if you are on pace, then tomorrow is a full, full day.
  • Proyecto Final U3 y 4. Remember these always need to have some form of audio with your voice speaking or they can only receive a 75% maximum.
  • eLinguafolio update - message me when completed so I will know to go and check
  • Plus the Lección 5

If you are not on schedule then I suggest that you set this weekend aside and work like a crazy person! It is a lot of work guys, but it is over soon. And the pace stays the same. Don´t let the snowball of behind work grow!

On a Happier Note, ¡Enhorabuena to Melissa and Keiley!

I can open a report that shows me who´s working on what and when. And these 2 girls have been cranking out the assignments today! Keep up the pace girls. You will get there!

Lección del día: Focusing on conjugating ESTAR and using it with emotions!

Ok. You now know that not only does Spanish have 2 words that mean "you", but that you have to learn to use them correctly, but also there are 2 verbs that mean "to be", 2 verbs to say "is" and "are". But they are used in different ways and can be used incorrectly. When talking about how someone is feeling or where something is located, you will always use ESTAR. This lesson has you practice all it´s 6 conjugations.
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