How to choose and operate a flatbed scanner

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The purpose of the scanner.

The purpose of the flatbed scanner is to recreate digital images of photographs, important documents and historical collection pieces, in order to protect and preserve their longevity.
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EPSON Perfection 4990 Scanner

The benefits of utilizing a flatbed scanner to school librarians and teachers.

Flatbed scanners are one of the most popularly requested devices in the librarianship field. Scanners have the ability to preserve and protect history. As a librarian might choose to utilize a scanner to capture digital images of important collection pieces, a teacher might use a scanner to capture the images of the work of a student. Scanners are also wonderful in that they can produce an image that may then be expanded to poster size. Poster size images of charts and graphs, literature, tables, etc. can be very helpful in large group instruction, or for a child with visual difficulties.

How to choose a flatbed scanner.

When choosing a flatbed scanner, it is important to ensure that you are choosing one that is superior in capturing digital images of photos and collections. You want to chose one that offers the best digital images within your allotted resources, and will preserve and safely protect your delicate photographs and materials. You will want to make sure that it is the appropriate type of scanner for your materials, and that it has the correct technical capabilities.

Leading scanner manufacturers include:

How to operate a flatbed scanner.

  1. Be sure power cord is connected to an electrical source and device is properly connected to computer. (Be certain software for scanning to computer is enabled if that is your file destination.)
  2. Place materials facedown on the glass, paying attention to the alignment of the arrows.
  3. Select where you would like your scanned image files to be saved to; computer or USB drive.
  4. Either push the "scan" button directly on the scanner itself, or, if enabled, select the directive on your computer for the scanning to computer process to begin.
Canon CanoScan 8800F Flatbed Scanner