Soling Class Newsletter

Written by: Leah and Emma


In reading this week we are learning about Tall Tales. Our focus strategy is sequence. Our question of the week is how can we achieve goals.WE are also learning about plural nouns.


In math we are learning to use division and find the factors for a given whole number.


In music we are learning self space and notes.


In P.E.we are learning to play football. We were practicing passing,kick offs,receiving,defense,center,,quarterback and working together as a team.


We finished painting our landscapes and then we worked on our sketchbooks.

Star Student

Important Dates

Fall Fundraiser Assembly: 9/16/16

Spirit Wear orders due: 9/16/16

Picture Day: 9/22 for Mrs. Soling's class

Field Trip: 11/8 (more information coming soon)

Note from our Assistant Principal

Recently staff members boarded each of Martin's school buses, and shared behavior expectations with students and drivers. Martin administration would like for parents to know what these expectations are.

  • Students should always walk to and from the bus.
  • When the bus is in motion, students must stay seated. Drivers will tell students when they can get up.
  • Students should keep hands, feet, and all objects to themselves.
  • Students must always use an inside voice while on the bus.
  • The drivers' directions must always be matter what!
  • Students should help keep the bus clean. There should be no eating or drinking on the bus.
  • Students who bring cell phones to school must not use them on the bus, except in the case of an emergency. The driver will determine if there is an emergency. If a student uses a cell phone on the bus, the driver will take the phone and deliver it to the office. Phones will not be returned to students. Parents will have to come to the office to pick up confiscated phones , and parents will be asked not to let their children bring the phones back to school.
  • Students should report all unsafe behaviors to the bus driver immediately.

If these rules are followed carefully, bus rides to and from school are bound to be more pleasant for all. Thank you for helping us stress the importance of bus safety!

Class Directory

If you didn't sign up for the class directory please visit this link and add your name and address.

This directory will be printed out next week and sent home for you to use as needed for play dates or birthday invites.