The Girls in the White Dresses

Clara Barton with her working Nurses.

Clara Barton

Clara Barton started helping out on the BattleField by bringing suppies to the soldiers. Later, she found that she had grown up with many of the boys she brought supplies too. She tried to keep the boys spirts up; she read to them, wrote letters for them, talked to them about problems, and even prayed with them. After that, she went on to be the founder of the Red Cross in May of 1881.

The Red Cross

Clara Barton would go out at night finding injured soldiers. She would even go out in the middle of a battle, it made no difference to her if she was shot or taken prisoner. She was there to help these men and thats what she was going to do. She helped the field nurses prioritize the injured. Life threating wounds would be first and the lightly wounded would be put after that.

The Hospital During the Civil War