September 15-19

Stanley is in the mail!

News This Week

Test folders will come home Tuesday. As grades come home, please review them with your child. Just for your information:

All math is read and repeated aloud. Story problems get 1 point for the work, 1 for the answer, and 1 for an equation. Everything else is usually 1 point.

Language arts is read aloud. Some written problems are worth 3-4 points. 1 point is for the correct answer, 1 point each for capitalization/punctuation, 1 point for circling or underlining as told in class.

Reading is on a gradual release. Right now, I read the first section questions, but not the sight word answers. I read all of the phonics and I read the questions and answers for the story. Students have to read the story for themselves. I read and explain the written response, often writing the majority of the answer on the board.

Please do contact me with questions. I know you are all contentious parents.

Lessons This Week

  • Skills: Character and Setting
  • Phonics: short /o/ sounds and plural -s
  • Sight words: get, help, use
  • Practice at home: Students should be able to read the decodable stories (sent home Monday) easily. If not, practice re-reading them daily for fluency and accuracy. Students should also be able to easily identify and read sight words.
  • We are finished with Flat Stanley and he is going in the mail this week. We are looking forward to responses! I hope your child enjoyed the book. It was a lot of fun to read together.


  • Practice spelling and writing words. Visit for more practice.
  • Words this week: mom, hot, hop, pot, pop, ox, lock, mop, got, rock


  • Finish Unit 1 - ordering and combining small numbers
  • Story Problems with addition
  • Practice at home: story problems when you know the answer. For example: I have 7 vegetables. Some are peas, some are carrots. How many of each could I have? Practice making multiple combinations for the same answer.


These words are used in English, math, or science we will learn throughout the week. Words are NOT tested, but will help understanding. Students are not expected to be able to spell these words.

  • past, present, produce, transportation, danger, serve, snuggle, enormous, powerful
  • counting all, counting on, combine, equal, plus, add, equation
  • compare, contrast

Writing & Grammar

  • Sentence predicate/ action part - what the subject is doing
  • Sentence start with capital letters and end with punctuation.
  • Journal writing, writing about animals


  • Review living, nonliving, plants, and animals
  • Begin work with worms (later in the week)

Social Studies

  • Rules and Why We Need Them
  • Being Good Citizens

Library is Wednesday - Please Return Books

Upcoming Dates


16 - Snow Wizard $1.00

17 - Announced Lock down Drill

18 - GPS begins for signed up students

25- 1st Gr walking FT to Winn Dixie- 8:00-10:45

1st Grade Aud. 1:00- Public Library

30- American Fidelity Night

Snow Wizard

Chik-fil-a Spirit Night


2 - Fall Pictures

Snow Wizard - Every Other Tuesday - $1.00 - During PE