by Christian Martino

Salem's Lot By Stephen King

Salem's Lot is a thrilling novel about love and loss...and of course killing vampires. The main character is Ben Mears, an author who just recently lost his wife to a terrible motorcycle crash, in an effort to cope with the grief and get back into writing he heads back to his home town of salem's Lot where a series of unfortunate events occurs. after going to his home town he uses the mysterious marten house in Salem's lot as an influence to his new book. this house has brought the town horrible stories of a man who killed his wife then himself. While their Mears meets a young lady named Susan who he has a great connection with. After Mears begins to get settled into this quiet town he now relizes something bad is brewing after too young boys disappeared into the woods an came back and killed their friend. after the events keep happening they realize that it is a vampire named Barlow who has acquired the marten house. after Barlow raises his army of vampires there is only a few left who are steal human and believe they need to stop the vampires. Ben meats and Susan norton are among the group. After Susan is turned into a vamPire by Barlow ben is forced to drive a steak through her heart. most of the group is killed except foe ben and Mark petrie. they manage to kill Barlow by driving a steak through his heart. they then leave the town with non plan of going back, until a year later. they go back during the day while the vampires are sleeping and light the fields on fire. these flames soon consign the whole town. and there is no more Salem's lot.


“The town kept its secrets, and the Marsten House brooded over it like a ruined king.”

"He brought the hammer down on the stake once more, and the blood that pulsed from Barlow's chest turned black.
Then, dissolution.
It came in the space of two seconds, too fast to ever be believed in the daylight of later years, yet slow enough to recur again and again in nightmares, with awful stopmotion slowness.”


I believed the book was a long read but very interesting. the plot was thick and interesting. although the book was an overall good read i did feel like it was slow at the beginning. i feel like their was a lot of useless information that Stephen King wrote into the book. even though it was slow. Stephen King uses very descriptive writing to introduce very mysterious characters, especially Barlow and his butler Richard Starker. overall i enjoyed the bookend i would recommend it to anyone who enjoys tense thrilling novels.