Notes from the Library

February 10, 2014

In the Library...

Third and Fourth grade are finishing their Virginia Readers Choice lessons. The days of Boosterthon have included a review of the books, a reminder to use hold slips, and then book checkout. We have circulated VRC books in the Elementary category to over 280 students. 45 students have their name on the hold list for books.

The next rotation begins on Tuesday with Day 1. Fifth grade will be exploring primary sources related to their geography curriculum.

Kindergarteners will be reading half of their Virginia Readers Choice Award nominees. We will do half each session and then vote during their second class.

Second grade is continuing their Severe Weather Research. If you need to sign up for a time, stop on by!

Literacy Lists

Did you know that there are lists of books in our library catalog connected to Reading Strategies, Writing Traits, SOL Standards and more? The "Teacher Resources" link on the Library Catalog has these lists and has recently gotten a visual makeover. If you're looking for resources related to a specific strategy you can see which books we have available at Montclair. The lists have been growing all year and will continue to do so!

President's Day Booktalks

I have a list of books for President's Day if you are interested in encouraging your students to check out some biographies and books related to presidents. You can sign up for a time in the library or schedule a time for me to visit your classroom.

It's Random Acts of Kindness Week!

RAK week is celebrated February 10th-16th. There are resources online for educators who wish to incorporate some lessons or activities related to kindness. Included are lists of kindness ideas; lesson plans; and printables including calendars, bookmarks, tags, posters and cards. Downloading the lesson plans does require a free registration.

BrainPOP and BrainPOP Jr.

Ruth and I used our recent funds to purchase subscriptions to BrainPOP. If you need to use the resource we have 3 'seats' each. You may schedule lab or computer time to show a video to your class and we can also login a few students for individual or small group assignments. We will not be publicly sharing the username and password as the number of computers that can be used at any one time is limited. Our acceptable use policy is for Classroom Use, not School-wide use.