Mrs. Lope's Newsletter

Issue 4- September 19, 2014

Math and Science News


In science this week, students observed more properties of matter. We looked closely at temperature, including the Farenheit and Celsius scales. Today, we completed a lab in the afternoon class on sinking and floating. Students determined which items would sink in water, vegetable oil, and a combination of both. The morning class will complete it on Monday. We also completed a review of volume, mass, and properties for a grade. Students were allowed to use all of the notes we have taken so far from their science journals. Unfortunately, some of the papers had to be reworked in class due to a low grade which is often a result of rushing through the assignment. I am encouraging the students to slow down and double check their work before turning it in.


This past week, we examined numbers through the thousands place. We determined the values of each digit and wrote each number in standard form, word form, and expanded notation. Students learned the pizza strategy for expanding a number and today created popcorn place value as a review. Next week, we will move onto numbers through the hundred thousands place. I will assign IXL next Monday and the minutes will be due Friday. Each child will need 30 minutes of IXL practice on a few specific objectives. I would have your child spend 15 minutes on one and then move on to the next. Unfortunately, I will be out next Thursday and Friday due to a math workshop, but I can check the minutes from home or the workshop. There will also be one additional piece of homework coming home which requires the computer. I will staple it in the planner on Monday. It will be due on Friday. It will take no more than 10-15 minutes and students will need it to complete a class assignment on Friday.

Upcoming Events/Information

Progress reports were given out today. I see a lot were left in mailboxes. :(

Scholastic book orders should be here in a week or so if you ordered.

Fundraiser packets are due on September 29th

IXL homework will be due Friday. Logins and passwords will come home on Monday.

Have a wonderful weekend!