North Carolina

by:Emma Dahlstrand


Have you ever wondered what it was like in conoial times in North Carolina? First, North Carolina was found. virginia was a part of North Carolina. Second, Native Americans found North Carolina and started to live there. Last, there was a big population among the thriteen colonies. North Carolina in colonial times was very instering colony

When North Carolina Was Young

The Native Americans were on a ship for a couple of months and they found land and in was North Carolina. Native Americans found North Carolina and started to live there. Spanish Armada, had bad and bad luck For example, the colonist crulty toward the Indians had pervented North Carolina from being the site if Englands first prementent American colony.This honor went to Jamestown. For example, virginia which was settled by about 100 English colonist in the spring 1607. English came to what is now virginia for several reasons. One, some wanted land. Others came to search for gold or sliver and for adventure. King James the 1st died in 1625 For example His son Charles the 1st became king that same year. king Charles the 1st named his territory Carolina for example territory Carolina meaning "is land of Charles." In this paraghraph you learn that Native Americans found North Carolina and now are going to be reading about Native Americans

Native Americans

Native Americans found North Carolina and started to live there and started a colony. prehistoric people first lived in North Carolina for example, They lived there about 200000 years ago. Objects they left behind including stone spear and pottery for example, you can still find pottery today from them. At first they roamed the land hunting deer and bear. Such reclis as 2000 year old corn for example, they found the 2000 year old corn at the Dismal Swamp in North Carolina. 30 tribes lived in North Carolina for example they lived there before the arrival of the Eouapeans. The Cherokee were probably one of the largest tribes. For example, it was the biggest tribe out of all of the 30 tribes. North Carolina was a big colony also Cherkoee was too.

Daily Life

In North Carolina people had to do a lot of work. 110000 people North Carolina was average for example, in population among the 13 colonies. Between 1760 and 1770 North Carolina's population for example it nearly doulbed to about 200000. Only virginia gained more people during those ten years. For example, virginia had more people than North Carolina at that time. People moved to North Carolina. For example, it offered plenty of farm land a warm climate and more freedom. Colonist from England and other Eouapean countries began setting along the eastern coast for example, they did that in the early 1600. They lived in North Carolina's Mountains for example, North Carolina mountains are in North Carolina.North Carolina a lot of farm land and more freedom.


Did you know Native Americans found North Carolina. North Carolina was found. Virginia was a part of North Carolina. Native Americans found North Carolina and started to live there. There was a big population between the 13 Colonies. North Carolina was a big colony and it had a lot of people.


Armada - A large group of ships or boats.

English- Of or relating to England or its people.

European - Characteristic of Europe or its people

prehistoric - very old or outdated

tribe - group of people that includes many families and relatives who have same language and beliefs.


North Carolina, 2006

North Carolina,2006

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