The Patriot Periodical

Volume 19 ~ 5.5.16

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Shout outs

WOO HOO! What an awesome turn out at our Night of Knowledge. Thank you everyone SO much for working so hard to put together such a wonderful evening. The kids and parents had a great time!

Dan did a great job as a 24 proctor at the county 24 challenge! TY for supporting our kids once again!

Charlene is an awesome team player! TY for coming last night and manning the crazy front office after school yesterday!

Kim has done a FABULOUS job prepping for tomorrow's Green Fest in Boonsboro. Please stop by to see Jenny P and me in the morning and Kim in the afternoon. We will be representing the PVE family with our craft activity!

Stacey will be at the county track meet tomorrow cheering our intermediate students on! Good luck 4th and 5th grade friends and thank you Stacey for attending!


Thank you everyone for the wonderful Bath & Body works gift card and the beautiful card. I feel honored every day to work with such an incredible group of teachers. You dedication to our kids, building, community and one another is truly amazing. Thank you all for making my first year as a principal better than I ever imagined :)

Spring Fling

As you know the PTA Spring Fling has been rescheduled to next Friday! I will be here with my boys for the evening. Please consider joining us!

Mac Distribution and Q&A

Don't forget - our macs will be here for deployment during an after school meeting on Monday May, 9th. Kim Peer will in the media center at 2:15, all staff should attend this meeting. Here is a note from Dr. K answering some commonly asked q's!

I am excited to share in the enthusiasm as over 1,000 teachers are getting their hands on a MacBook for the first time. Current efforts reflect this second phase will be done prior to Memorial Day weekend--a tremendous accomplishment! As the deployment and end of the year approach we are fielding many of the same great questions. In efforts to support communication and continue advancing please note the answers to some recent questions:

  1. Can staff take the devices home for the summer? All staff returning to WCPS for the school year 2016-2017 should have the opportunity to take home their MacBook and have access to an iPad for the summer to support planning, training, and professional learning. The iPad would of course go back to students upon return from the break.
  2. What if a staff member is internally transferring next year? The staff member should take their device with them to their new assignment.
  3. What if a staff member is not returning to WCPS next year? The staff member should turn in their assigned device to their principal who should send it to my attention at CES.
  4. What will happen to current PC laptops, labs, etc? Over the course of the next year most will be re-purposed or recycled; antiquated devices will not be repaired. The only labs that will continue to be supported are specialized labs supporting specific digital curriculum with requirements that exceed the capacity or functionality of the devices in the Digital Learning Plan.
  5. Who will support additional cords, bricks, and covers? Every new device comes with these accessories. Should new ones need purchased prior to the refreshment cycle, schools would be responsible for purchasing extra accessories (prices are on the Weebly).
  6. Is there a WiFi recommendation for WCPS-access, or WCPS? Both allow the same user access and are supported in the same manner. No preference.
  7. Do we recommend the desktop Outlook or online version of Office 365? We recommend the online version of 365 for two reasons. One, the desktop version can consume a lot of the device memory based on the frequency of use and two, the online version will provide you the same look and end-user experience irrespective of your location or device.
  8. How will our inventories be adjusted for next years enrollment? Current enrollment projections are already being assessed and calculated. We will support your enrollment based on the devices assigned this year and supplemented/collected accordingly.


Please remember that if you are out of the building for any reason, you need to contact Tina and Adrienne via email, text or phone message as soon as you know. We need to ensure we have subs in the building on time and that they are at their duty stations. Also, if you leave the building for any reason during the day, please be sure to sign out. Thank you very much.

Fairview for next year!

From Darlene Reid @ Fairview!

Please forward this information to your classroom teachers to request day trips for Outdoor School at Fairview for the 2016-2017 school year

Teachers: Please see the instructions at the bottom of the form for submission; upon completion your principal must send the request to me, via email, no later than September 30, 2016. A confirmation will be sent to you after the request has been processed. Please remember that spring and fall dates fill up very quickly, dates are first come, first serve.

Spring Book Disposal

From the Maintenance and Operations Dept.

We are currently planning our old book disposal and pick-up at all schools. We would like to perform this bi-yearly, once in late spring and once in early fall. The books would be picked-up by Maintenance and Operations Dept. and taken to Book Savers for disposal.

If you have any books that you will be sending, please request the box from Bob or Sam. Once your boxes are full please contact Bob or Tina so that we can move these boxes to a secure area for pick-up. This should be finished by May 18th!

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May Madness


CFIP - May 3rd, 17th

SIT & Faculty Meeting - May 23rd

Tech Talk - May 9th (macbook distribution - focus)

COLLABORATIVE PLANNING - May 12th AT PVE - Joni Burkhart will be here. Please make ever effort to attend!

Collaborative Curriculum Brainstorming With SBS

Thursday, May 12th, 3pm

Pleasant Valley Elementary School, Knoxville, MD, United States

Knoxville, MD

NOTE: Please sign up in the lounge (list on the fridge) to bring a green treat to this PD!

Please join us at PVE in the library for collaborative curriculum brainstorming at SBE!

To register for the PD, teachers will need to do the following. This is how we will take attendance and teachers will get paid. Here are the directions:

1. On the employee portal go to WCPS Professional Development

2. Once there go to WCPS Professional Learning

3. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click on "Link to ERO"

4. Enter your ID# 5________ and PIN (this is the same number teachers use with the substitute system)

5. Accept the Terms and Conditions

6. Go to course catalog

7. Once there click on "View Schedule Calendar"

8. Once the calendar appears, click on Feb. 11

9. This will take them to all of the courses available on the 11th. Click view on "Sharpsburg/Pleasant Valley Collaborative Planning"

10. Click on register--they will be registered automatically.

Have an awesome weekend!