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Original price: Rs.1000

Increased by: 15%

Selling price: Rs.1150

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Skin for laptop you won't get anywhere else!!!

Original price: Rs.300

Increased by: 75%

Selling price: Rs.525

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The smoothest pen ever!!!

Original price: Rs.50

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Selling price: Rs.97.5

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After buying this shoe, you won't like anything else!!!

Original price: Rs.885

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Selling price: Rs.1327.5

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The cutest watch ever!!!-For girls.

Original price: Rs.200

Increased by: 60%

Selling price: Rs.320

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Go cooooooooooooooool!!!

Original price: Rs.1000

Decreased by: 10%

Selling price: Rs.900

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Black is the new cool!!!

Original price: Rs.600

Decreased by: 50%

Selling price: Rs.300

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Smart I-pad covers ever!!!

Original price: Rs.750

Decreased by: 25%

Selling price: Rs.562

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Touch screen watches are soooooooo nice!!!

Original price: Rs.400

Decreased by: 30%

Selling price: Rs.280

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Nike is the best company ever!!!

Original price: Rs.200

Decreased by: 5%

Selling price: Rs.190

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