HHS Dual Credit Fall 2020

I want to take dual credit courses! What should I do?

STEP 1: Complete your application.

If this will be your first time to take a Hill College dual credit course, then you MUST complete an application at this time.

If you have taken dual credit courses in the past, you do not have to reapply. You may skip this step.

1. Create an account at the Apply Texas link below.

2. Apply to Hill College as a DUAL CREDIT student wishing to begin taking courses Fall 2020.

3. Email snorman@hubbardisd.org to let me know that you have completed your application, and I will submit your transcript and test scores to Hill College.

STEP 2: Take the TSI

If you have not yet taken the TSI or if you have not yet met the score requirements, you must take the TSI as soon as possible. I can give the exam to a few students at a time at school as long as we follow social distancing guidelines.

Email snorman@hubbardisd.org to schedule a time to take the TSI at Hubbard High School.

If you have already met this requirement, you do not have to retest. You may skip this step.

STEP 3: Sign and Submit the Digital Dual Credit Permission Form

Once you have been accepted to Hill College, you MUST complete and submit this form digitally before you will be allowed to register for courses.

This is for NEW students and RETURNING students as well. Everyone must sign and submit this form every semester.

STEP 4: Register for Courses and pay for them.

At Hill College, students register themselves for courses and pay online using the MyRebel Student Portal.

I will be in communication with you to make sure that the courses you are registering for are the ones that we have discussed for your graduation plan. See the core curriculum courses that are available to our students.

See the attachment for directions on how to register.

STEP 5: Tuition Reimbursement

E-mail a copy of your receipt to snorman@hubbardisd.org for tuition reimbursement.


If you or your parents have any questions regarding dual credit at Hill College, please email dualcredit@hillcollege.edu)

They are extremely helpful and quick to respond.

If I can help you in any way, please email me at snorman@hubbardisd.org