Weekly Update

week of February 8, 2016

We believe...

  • The NEW School Mission Statement: Manchester Community Schools, in partnership with parents and community, use best practices to develop the skills of communication, collaboration, critical thinking, and creativity in all students to ensure they are future ready.
  • District Vision: Educational Excellence in a Caring Community
  • District Purpose: Manchester students are provided the stepping stones for success.
District and School Improvement Goals:

Goal 1: All Manchester Community Schools students will become proficient in their literacy skills.

Goal 2: All Manchester Community Schools students will become proficient in critical thinking.

Goal 3: All Manchester Community Schools students will become proficient in mathematical skills.

Goal 4: All staff will engage in the district-wide continuous improvement process.

Appreciation Certificate

We have received this appreciation certificate. Did your classroom send something to the VA? If so, we would love to have this certificate in your room or in the hallway near the classroom or classrooms that made this happen. Let me know.

Leadership Workshop

Leadership Workshops on Monday will focus on Being Proactive. We will do an activity and if time share examples of what it looks like at Klager.

I am going to remove the March 21st Leadership Workshop. We will host the rehearsal for the Leadership Day on Tuesday, March 22, and this will take the place of Leadership Workshop.


ALICE drill

The ALICE drill is meant to be a chance for staff to look at our response to the call for attention. We need to look at where we shelter in place. How do the doors open, are there easily moveable objects to barricade the door? We need to look at the idea that our students know where to go when evacuating for a drill. We need to think about the idea, that if we evacuate we must get away from the building and stay away from the openness of the playground. We also need to look at what we need to do if the students are not taking the drill seriously. We need to work with the students directly.

I was disappointed in myself when I asked the 4th grade to repeat the drill in the cafeteria. There was no attention given to the students who were acting as leaders. I focused on the students who were not good leaders and then forced the entire class to repeat the drill. I know we ask the students to be leaders for one another, but I never supported that idea when we repeated the drill, I just assumed they were a part of the problem with my response. Thankfully in the debrief, a staff member was able to share the idea that we often punish the whole group and not the individuals who need to be trained or retaught the concept presented. At some point, the entire class can not be punished or held to a consequence for the actions of a few.

I think of it this way, if the class is noisy and we hope that the quiet friends will set an example and remind the talking students to be quiet, we must first teach the quiet students, the leaders, what we want. And once they have been taught and this is not making a difference, we must realize that at some point they might not have the maturity to be the leaders for quiet.

Building Use

We need to fill out a building use for every event happening in our building. This will give the custodial staff and building use team information to help keep the building secure and safe. They will have access to what you might need to have available. We need Building Use for after school events like TEAM graduation, make and take it nights, late conferences, or parent work nights. We also need to turn in Building Use for rooms we use during the day. I fill out a form for Leadership Workshops, we will fill one out for TEAM in room 109, we need a form for SE meetings in room 115 or the small conference room for SAT or IEP. Julie Charney also manages the SAT meetings and will know dates that room 115 is in use. We will need to fill out a form for assemblies, and room 115 when it disrupts gym due to an assembly or rehearsal.

If in doubt, fill out the form.

Upcoming Dates

  • 2.9.16-Leadership Workshop-12:00-2:00 pm
  • 2.9.16-Karin out of the building
  • 2.9.16-Building configuration meeting
  • 2.10.16-Talent Show practice
  • 2.12.16-Klager Movie Night
  • 2.15.16-No School-Presidents Day
  • 2.15.16-School Board Meeting
  • 2.17.16-Kindergarten Information Night
  • 2.18.16-Grade Level Meetings
  • 2.23.16-Configuration meeting
  • 2.23.16-Klager PTO meeting
  • 2,24.16-Talent Show-rehearsal times to be announced
  • 2.25.16-Principal's Advisory
  • 3.2.16-SIP meeting
  • 3.3.16 Staff Meeting
  • March 22nd, 10:00, practice for Leadership Day
  • March 23rd Leadership Day
  • June 2nd-Tenative Date for Kids Against Hunger packaging.

February Birthdays

2.7.16-Teresa Phelps-Daves

2.14.16-Katie Marsh

2.18.16-Carrie Resh

2.18.16-Rita Page

From the Villarreal's

Our Roger sure loves his Ricky, they are a great team in our home.

Manchester Community Schools Foundation had a wonderful Trivia Night on Saturday They raised close to $800. to use for Teacher Mini Grants. The High School team took top honors on Saturday. Thanks to all who participated and had fun with the themes, games, and trivia.