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Meet my new venture... Beautycounter!

I'm excited to announce my new venture! It's a young company that resonates with my passions and has an intrinsic value that I'm proud to represent.

This company is Beautycounter, a new skincare and cosmetics company that is leading the way in the beauty industry by setting new ingredients standards by what they choose not to include. Meaning, they have chosen to eliminate components that have a proven record of toxicity, which as it turns out are commonly found in all kinds of skin and personal care products that we use everyday. And not just the cheaper drug store brands, the higher-end, more expensive product lines too. With the rise of cancer amongst women and my own menopause on the horizon, Beautycounter DOES NOT use over 1500 ingredients that are know to cause cancer and are known to be endocrine or hormone disrupters. It safe but highly effective. I've been testing it for the past four months and I love the results so do all my clients!
The Ugly Truth About the Beauty Industry

I'm growing a team!

Beautycounter is a social selling company that not only transforms skin with clinically proven, safe and highly effective skincare, but also transforms lives with our business opportunity. Join me!