Hard Times Are Hoovering Over

By Tammy Draper

Not Reassuring

Hoover would just tell people to be optimistic, but that doesn't make people fell good about their problems with trying to make a living. He would also tell them that the government would only pay a limited role in helping people. So how are people suppose to fell reassured about their future when that government won't even help out more when most people don't have enough money to feed their families.

The Causes of trying to fix the problems

When trying to help the country with the direct relief it back fired when it created the Bonus Army when vets were not getting their money. And Hoover ended up calling soldiers in to gas them out where two people died so them America was stunned and Hoover took blame.

Government that should have helped

In that time there were a lot of economy shrinking. Also there was unemployment rising, and increased bankruptcy. But in his philosophy there were no handouts. Show that the government would never step in very far. Since he believed that charities should help the poor, and survival of the fittest.

Direct Relief

He was helping finance banks, railroad, and large businesses but not the poor. Since it was too little to late. Which created the Bonus Army were vets when to Washington DC to get their $500 bonus for serving there country. But when they didn't get their money Hoover became nervous when they didn't leave. So he got 1,000 soldiers to gas them but two people got shot and one blinded and they also burned down the Bonus Army's camp.

What he should have done

Hoover tried to help which in some ways he did, but there are so many more things he could have done to help American's economic during the Great Depression. For one he could have gotten the government to step in some more and sooner to help the people who already to the point of no going back from their problems. By using the government he could have helped the poor more and not just charities. He also could have aided people a little more then just helping them help themselves. Since so people were just unable to support themselves at that time. Then when the Bonus Army came Hoover's actions got him more disliked. When he got two people killed when calling in the army since he was nervous but there had to be another way.