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Junior Newsletter, Spring 2016

Halfway There!

Junior year, first semester is OVER! Can you believe it? Before you know it, sweet, SWEET summertime will be here, and you will be on the cusp of SENIOR YEAR! This semester is one of utmost importance as you prepare for college applications in the Fall. For many students, second semester of junior year is the last semester of grades that colleges will see on your transcript before applying to school. Along with grades, you will take the ACT in March. Spring semester is the time to get your head in the game and focus on continuing to lay the groundwork for what comes next- COLLEGE. Are you ready?
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The New SAT

Effective March 5, 2016, the redesigned SAT will be rolled out for the first time. Your graduating class (2017) will be the first to only take the New SAT. The SAT is one of two college entrance exams (with the other being the ACT) widely accepted at most colleges and universities. This test is for high school Seniors, and it aims to test students on skills that they have learned so far that are critical for college readiness. Here are a few things that the redesigned SAT features:

-A maximum of a three-part test as opposed to four,

-An optional essay,

-Scoring only for right answers as opposed to receiving deductions for incorrectly filled bubbles,

-50 minutes to write the essay as opposed to 25, and

-A much more narrowed focus on skills and knowledge, so as to test what students should know instead of a wide array of topics that may not necessarily apply.

If you wish to take the SAT, you can register at https://sat.collegeboard.org/home. Individuals who meet the qualifications may receive a fee waiver. Check with your Guidance Counselor for more information!


The ACT is the other widely accepted national college entrance exam. It is said that the ACT is accepted at every college and university in the United States of America. Every junior in the public school system in the state of North Carolina will have the opportunity to take the ACT in March, at no cost to the student. This is coming up soon! The ACT tests students in the subject areas of: English, Mathematics, Science, and Reading. Some key features regarding the ACT are:

-Scores are based on the correct number of answers, with no penalty for incorrect responses,

-Helps students to gauge their level of preparedness for both college and career pathways,

-In addition to English, Mathematics, and Reading, the ACT also measures what students have learned in school as it relates to Science,

-Offers an optional essay, and

-Aside from being a national college entrance exam, the ACT also offers a profile and planning section for education and career planning to help with planning life after high school.

Again, every junior will take the ACT in March for free. Take the time to study for it and take it seriously because colleges may see this score. Furthermore, without a fee waiver, each additional time that the test is taken will cost $56.50, including the writing component. As with the SAT, please check with your Guidance Counselor if you have questions. More information on the ACT can be found at http://www.actstudent.org/.

In addition to the specified websites above, you can also find study materials for both the SAT and ACT on these websites:




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Grade Advisor Meetings

As a Crosby Scholar, you have the opportunity to attend Grade Advisor Meetings. These sessions are held at your school once a month in December, February, March, and April and give you insight into the college process. You will discuss important topics such as:

-how to become a competitive college applicant,

-how to select the best school for you,

-filling out the college application,

-writing essays,

-letters of recommendation,

-test-taking tips,

-campus visits, and so much more!

Grade Advisor Meetings are not mandatory, however, they are an excellent opportunity for you to glean information regarding the college admissions process. Please attend as many of these sessions as your schedule allows. We are very fortunate to have Admissions Counselors from Catawba College serving as Grade Advisors for our juniors. Please take advantage of this fantastic opportunity! Grade Advisor Meetings for February will be posted in your portal soon. You will receive an email notification once they are added!

Academy Credit

Attend one of these workshops for Crosby Academy Credit!

Each student in the Crosby Scholars program is required to attend one Academy per school year. If you have been unable to make it to previous events this year, here is a list of upcoming workshops you can attend to receive Crosby Academy credit and remain active in the program.

Please reply and let us know which of these events you plan to attend!

*Even if you have already attended an Academy this school year, these events are still excellent opportunities. Check them out if you are available!

*Remember, you MUST attend an Academy or you will be permanently dismissed from the Crosby Scholars program and will be unable to reapply next year.