Insructions to play

object of the game

To be the first one to get to the end!


The board, spinner, cards and the answer key


Shuffle the word cards and the definition cards, and set the cards in the card area. Then place the spinner on the board where it says spinner. Also pick the piece you want. Each player spin the wheel and the won with the highest number goes first.


The player that is going first spin the wheel and the number you get it the number you go forward, BUT if you land on pass you pass your next turn.

If you land on word then pick up one word card and read the word and try and guess the definition. If you land on a definition pick up one definition card and try and guess the word it matches to. While you are figuring out the answer another player is going to have the answer key and when you think you have the right answer tell the person that has the answer key the card number you have and the answer you think is right and see if you have the right answer.