Rejuvenating Yoga

Stress Reduction & Relaxation yoga

Do you HOLD your breath unknowingly...

especially when you are focusing intently in work that you forget to breathe? Shoulders and hips are some areas where we build up a lot of tension including our deepest emotions. The biggest gift that you can give to yourself is to learn how to...

Unload stress from your body

There are many ways to find calmness and it does not have to involve investing in a spa massage. You will be exploring how yoga can help to bring balance and inner peace in your life - finding back your mind, body and breath connection.

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About Veronica

Searching for a way to increase physical strength, yet not to the extreme of lifting weights, she found yoga to be the equilibrium of simplicity and complexity. As a certified yoga teacher registered with Yoga Alliance, she hopes to help people by realizing their full potential by opening their mind and body. Expect lots of warrior poses as they are some of her favourite poses and she loves reminding people to breathe. As a health care professional, she is naturally drawn to all things health wellness and sees yoga as an opportunity to be kinder to our own body, the one and only vehicle which we travel throughout our entire life.