Is Your Desk A Mess?

Fix it up with a Paper Clip

Have you ever thought about what people used before the paper clip?

A long time ago in the 13th century people used to wax ribbons to make them stronger and easier to undo and redo to keep papers clipped together. In 1899 a man named Johan Vaaler created the first paper clip and it was made of a wire that consists of spring material. It would be then bent into a triangular, rectangular, or otherwise shaped hoop. People have been re-inventing the paper clip over and over again as time passed.
These paperclips are important to people because it helps people clip things and keep people's papers together. Stacks of papers could be more organized and not all messed up.

Don't be left out by not buying paper clips. Everyone is buying them so why not you?

You can find them basically anywhere such as at your local convenient store, office building, at home, or even at your school.
Paper clips are beneficial because if you need papers in a stack separated from others, than you could use a paper clip to solve that problem and keep everything organized. They are also very light so they can be taken on the road anywhere you go.

So come on today and buy your paper clips


*I learned a lot from this project. I never knew that it was made from a spring material or that they were bent into different shapes. I thought that paper clips were only made out of the oval shape we use today. You can use them to clip papers together and keep them more organized. They work by putting them in the top left or right corner of your papers and make sure the paper clip gets over top of all the paper.

*Paper clips have the same effect back then as they do today. Long ago people used them to clip their papers together instead of using waxed ribbons. Now people also use them for clipping their papers together and keeping them organized.

*The persuasive technique I used was the Bandwagon because I thought it would have the most effect on the readers. I thought it would be most effective because you are basically telling them they are the only ones that don't have this product and that they should go and buy it. If you say "Don't be the only one that doesn't have this product," then they will probably want to go buy it and be like everybody else.

*In conclusion, I had fun doing this project and learning about something new.