No country for old men!

Blog by: Natasha Van De Kraats

All about the characters!

In my opinion the characters in "No country for old men" are what set the path of the story and made it what it was. We had our antagonist, Anton Chigurh who is a psychopathic killer that seeks pleasure in watching people beg for their lives. I think the author, Cormac McCarthy, wanted Chigurh to represent God in a sense. I believe this because "God" is supposed to decide your fate, he has a plan for each and every one of us, and a path that he wants to lead us down and that's what Chigurh's role in the story is, he decides whether you live or die and decides your fate. Which is where Llewellyn Moss comes in. Moss is the Protagonist, he's caught between good and evil in the story, when he comes across 3 dead bodies and a case filled with millions of dollars because of a drug deal gone wrong. Moss goes on the run while Anton Chigurh chases him for the money. Moss' character is very determined and confident he believes he can out smart Chigurh and keep the money but Chigurh has one plan, and one plan only for Moss which is death. Then comes in Sheriff Bell, he's the good guy in the story, he's trying to help Moss stay safe and figure out what went down. Bell's character is very humble and dedicated to his job, all he wants to do is keep everybody safe and catch the bad guys so he goes on a chase for Chigurh and Moss. If it wasn't for Moss' determination, Chigurh's feeling to always have the power and Sheriff Bell's dedication to his job the story wouldn't have been set up the way it was and it would have been different and potentially boring but the characters character traits worked together and made the story interesting.

Morality and Ethics

The main theme of the book in my opinion is morality and ethics. The three main characters all have completely different moral codes and philosophy's. We have sheriff Bell whose moral code is obey the law, and tell the truth, this is the reason for his decisions throughout the book, For example, he goes above and beyond his job requirement just to bring Moss and Chigurh in and bring justice to his community. Then we have Moss whose ethics revolve around himself, hence the reason for him keeping the money, he believed it was the most acceptable thing for himself. Then there's Anton Chigurh who has no ethics what so ever he cares about no one and he makes up decisions that will have the harshest outcome, For example, the decision to kill someone and not to, he will always choose kill someone because it is the thing that hurts people the most. The theme morality and ethics go along with my first point about the characters and how they run the story because their character traits are based off of their morals and ethics and that's why these two things tie in to each other and run the story.

My thoughts!

Overall I personally liked the book! I liked reading about the chase and wondering throughout the book when Chigurh was going to catch Moss. The whole time I was reading I would make a prediction of what I thought would happen in the end and then it would change as I kept reading. I also really liked the characters and there different personalities, it was a really good book and I would recommend it to other people.