BPS At-Home Learning Program

Welcome to BPS At-Home Learning Program!

At-Home Learning Information

Bellevue Public Schools is pleased to offer our students and families an opportunity to participate in the BPS At-Home Learning Program. We are so excited to begin this journey with you. The At-Home Learning Program was initiated to provide our students and families the opportunity to participate in a self-directed, web-based program, that will provide grade and course-specific instruction in the home due to COVID-19 concerns. The Acellus program will be the platform for learning during our At-Home Learning experience. Students will not be expected to be on the program for the entire day. The schedule will look different as it will vary between Elementary, Middle, and High School levels. We have teachers serving in the role as supervisors to monitor the progress of our students, answer questions, and serve as a liaison between our special education case managers, EL/HAL providers. As our teacher supervisors return to work next week they will be reaching out with information about who they are and their daily schedule.

Important Enrollment Information:

*Students who enroll in the program will remain in the program for a

minimum of one semester. This is required since staff will have to be pulled

from the buildings to provide supervisory teachers for the program.

*Students participating in the BPS At-Home Learning Program will not be

eligible to participate in co/extracurricular activities (athletics, band, clubs,


*The number of subjects/courses a student takes each semester may need

to be modified to accommodate participation in the program.

Some schools have sent information out about picking up schedules, IDs, and iPads at their specific buildings. You will only need to pick up the iPad at the Support Center. Other forms will be sent to you electronically.



Elementary Students (K-6)

Thurs. August 6 8 a.m.-6 p.m.

Friday, August 7 8 a.m.- 4 p.m.

Sunday, August 9 12 p.m.- 3p.m.

Monday, August 10 1 p.m.- 6 p.m.

Middle and High School Students

Sunday, August 9 12 p.m.- 3 p.m.

Tuesday, August 11th 8 a.m.- 12 p.m.

Wednesday, August 12th 8 a.m.- 6 p.m.

*Parents/Guardians may pick up iPads for all students in a family at one time.

Cooperative Fund Enrollment cost is $20.00

*Please bring cash or check at the time of iPad pick-up.


*At the elementary level, our students will work on the areas of: Language Arts/Reading, Math, Science, and Social Studies. At the middle school level, our students will focus on the areas: Language Arts/Reading, Math, Science, and Social Studies plus health and a designated elective. At the high school level, the schedules will match up to the student's graduation plan as reviewed by counselors. Students at the high school level are enrolled in six classes.

Daily Student Expectations

*Students will be expected to login to Acellus every day of school, but they will not be working on coursework the entire day. They will complete steps in each curriculum area.

*Student daily attendance and time spent working in subjects/courses is

tracked by the Acellus program and will be monitored by the BPS

supervisory teacher.

*Students will follow a daily pacing guide of expectations to maintain academic progress.

*Students are expected to participate in supplemental supervisory teacher assigned Zoom meetings.

*Supervising teachers will share their schedules with families.

Parent/Guardian Expectations

*Parents are requested to provide the space for a student to complete their learning.

*Parents will communicate questions or concerns with the designated supervisory teacher.

*Parents will guide students to follow the schedule as created by teachers.

*Parents will communicate any issues related to technology.

*Parents will not need to buy supplemental supplies for students. Teachers may provide a list of things that will be useful for students while working online.

Acellus Program Information

*An email will be sent to parents and students with username and password information.

*The Acellus and Zoom Apps will be downloaded for every student on their iPad.

*A pre-recorded tutorial will be provided for families to learn information about Acellus and how to monitor student progress. More information will come soon.

Supervisory Teacher Information

*Supervisory teachers will provide a pacing guide of weekly expectations to maintain academic progress.

*Supervisory teachers will be providing supplemental Zoom sessions to interact with students at the elementary level. Students at the high school level, will use Zoom for proctoring of id-terms and final tests.

*Supervisory teachers will communicate through the Acellus program and their District email.

*Information will be sent out separately with information indicating the assigned supervisory teacher prior to the start of the school year.

Special Education

*Students receiving Special Education services will be contacted to discuss services.

*It is important to understand that service times could change depending on the needs of the individual student or the type of services being provided. School staff, parents and students will work together to identify barriers and solutions while students are enrolled in the BPS At-Home Learning Program.

* Every effort will be made to hold all MDT/IEP meetings virtually.


*Students receiving HAL/EL services will be contacted to discuss services.

District Calendar

The At-Home Learning students will follow the same calendar as the District. Calendar attached at the bottom.

AT-Home Learning Program

Please contact the teacher assigned as supervisor first with questions. If you have further questions or need additional assistance, please contact me.