The Weekly Roar

January 30, 2022

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La Ballona Needs YOU!

Dear La Ballona Community,

Thank you everyone for all of your gestures of kindness and your efforts with Covid Testing this past week. It's amazing what we can do when we work together!

This week, I am asking families to strongly consider providing your leadership to our La Ballona PTA! Each of you bring a unique perspective to our community, and we'll be even better when more folks participate. Grandparents! Fathers! Mothers! Dual Program Parents! English Program Parents! Spanish-speaking Families! Your voice is needed. One of my favorite La Ballona slogans is "Diversity Makes the Difference". Please join our team.

2022-2023 La Ballona PTA board Nomination Committee NEEDS YOU!

Our La Ballona Lions PTA is on prowl for next year's board leaders! Our PTA Board leads parent volunteers in creating educational opportunities and experiences for the students at La Ballona. If you're interested in taking an active role in the PTA, please fill out the nomination form linked HERE. Details on each role can be found in the form. Please reach out to Jamie Krute, with any questions. Nominations are open until Friday, Feb 18th.

Stay PAWSitive!

Dr. Becky Godbey


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Absence Reporting

Our state auditors always need to know the reason for your child(ren)'s absence. Always, always, always email when your child is absent.
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All Covid Updates

Thank you La Ballona Family

Thank you to our entire La Ballona Community for registering for our weekly testing. 97% of our students are registered for weekly testing! We appreciate everyone following this CCUSD protocol.
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CCUSD will offer additional COVID-19 drive-thru OPTIONAL testing for students, staff, and family members of staff and students

Starting this weekend, CCUSD will offer additional COVID-19 drive-thru testing as an optional measure for those who would like another weekly opportunity, or to provide a make-up opportunity for those who miss the regular Tuesday testing provided by LFN.

This testing will be done by a new company (UltimateDX), on a weekly weekend basis, starting this Sunday, January 30 (from 9:00am - 2:00pm in the Middle School parking lot on Elenda St.) and continuing each Saturday thereafter.

Optional drive-thru testing program this Sunday from 9am-2pm in the Middle School parking lot. Instructions for registering (one time only) and ordering your first test are attached.

The link for registration/tests has been changed to specify our location instead of offering choices as it was doing before. If you are already registered, your information has been pulled over; if not, please use the new link below and in the flyer if you want to sign up.

Because it is a separate company from our other provider, staff and families must register through their website in order to access the weekend testing. Please see attached/linked flyer for instructions: register, order, bring confirmation to drive-thru anytime during the testing window. Test results will be available through the company portal as soon as the tests are processed by their lab. You will only have to register once for this company - that will create your own patient portal. For future weeks/testing, you just login with your email, choose the test you want and get tested.

With this addition, CCUSD now offers the following:

· Required: Weekly PCR testing on Tuesdays through LFN


· Optional: Weekly PCR testing on weekends through UltimateDX


· As needed: Rapid Antigen testing for symptomatic staff/students, athletes, extracurricular events for students, and other instances that require a rapid test

o Provided on a case-by-case basis

CCUSD: Covid-19 Isolation and Quarantine Update

Please review this helpful 2-page document to answer all your isolation and quarantine questions.
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The Month of February

Click on the image for the PTA's Cultural Calendar, February 2022

Important Dates (New Dates in Bold)

  • February 1- 5th Grade Parent Night for CCMS
  • February 3- Volunteer Orientation, 5:30 (for those who missed the first one)
  • February 3- PTA Meeting, 6:30
  • February 7-100th Day of School (corrected on 1/17)
  • February 14- Fire Drill, 10:45am
  • February 15- Kindergarten Virtual Meet & Greet in English (for Incoming Kindergarteners), 12pm
  • February 16- Jog-a-thon Assembly
  • February 18- Kindergarten Virtual Meet & Greet in Spanish, 10:30am
  • February 21- No School President’s Day
  • February 23- Kindergarten Virtual Meet & Greet in English, 5:30pm
  • February 24- DEI Meeting, 6:30
  • March 2- Kindergarten Virtual Meet & Greet in English, 3:30pm
  • March 7- Kindergarten Virtual Meet & Greet in English, 2:00pm
  • March 7- 11- Book Fair
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Attention 5th Grade Families! *Note the Date Change*

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How to Deal with Loss, Transition, and Grief

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Volunteer Information

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Volunteer Q's & A's (repeated)

Question: I missed the orientation. Will there be another one?

Answer: There is one on our website, but there will be second one on February 3rd at 5:30.

Question: How do you register?

Answer: Check out our website. It provides the application and all the steps.

Question: If I was a cleared volunteer in the past, do I need to start from scratch?

Answer: No, but make sure your TB test hasn't expired. Oh, and you need to show your vaccination documentation.

Question: How do I turn in all my paperwork?

Answer: Erika Arredondo, the secretary, is your contact person. Please email

Question: Do I have to show a negative Covid Test?

Answer: Not at this time. You need to be vaccinated though.

Question: What do I need exactly to be cleared?

Answer: Current TB Test, Fingerprint Check, Application, Covid Vaccination, and you must watch the video above.

Question: What can I do? What am I volunteering for?

Answer: There are two paths. You can either 1) connect with a staff member or teacher and arrange your volunteering. Or you can 2) wait to hear from PTA. We are finalizing some school-wide volunteer programs like Copy Fairies and Board Games at Lunch (we need a better name for that).

Question: Can I start Monday, December 13?

Answer: Probably not. I anticipate that most teachers will want to wait until January. Plus, it's trickier this year with all the rules.

Question: Can I just show up and say "I'm here to volunteer?"

Answer: No. The teacher, staff member, or PTA coordinator needs to know that you are coming.

Question: What if my teacher isn't using volunteers?

Answer: Due to a variety of reasons, this may be a reality for some classes. Please know that each staff member has personal circumstances that may cause reluctance to have additional adults in the classroom during the pandemic. Other staff members may not need or want volunteers for other reasons. In these cases, you are always welcome to help with morning arrival Cone Crew, Dismissal, Copy Fairies, and Board Game Team (still need a better name).

We will keep the Volunteer page on the Website updated as we go.

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Lions' Pride Run (Jogathon)

Hello Families, We are gearing up for our spring fundraiser, the Lion's Pride Run! Students are lacing up those sneakers in preparation, and we need parent support as well. Please reach out to Rocio Alvarez - if you're able to help organize this awesome fundraiser.

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ANNUAL FUNDRAISING DRIVE (still going strong)

We are currently at $64,000, just a bit over half way to our yearly goal of raising $120,000 (approx $300/child)!

For this year's programs and supplies, we're in need of community support. Every donation pushes us closer to our goal; allowing us to create a platform for our students to access educational opportunities, tools and experiences the school might not otherwise be able to afford.

Ways to donate and help out:
Go to and donate what you can!
By check, make payable to "La Ballona PTA" and return in an envelope to your classroom teacher.
Share this flyer with your friends, family, and local businesses!
Monthly donation option is available at
Ask your company if they offer matching gifts for employees!

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SAVE THE DATE - PTA Community Meeting next Thursday Feb 3rd

Please save the date for Thursday, February 3rd for our next PTA Community Meeting at 6:30pm. The ZOOM code and password will be sent out by Dr.Godbey that day by email as well it will be posted on Social media and sent to you by your Room Parent. Hope to see you all there.

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