Choir Newsletter

Welcome to Choir

Welcome new and returning choir members! It's so exciting to start a new year making music together. As our first rehearsal date draws near, I would like to share with you a few things that will help make choir a wonderful experience for all.

1. We are here to sing!

-We are not here to socialize and talk about what we are doing on the weekend.

2. Always bring a note!

- Every single time.

- We will try to end rehearsal at 4pm each day. If we are following directions, this

should not be a problem.

3. Have fun!

- When EVERYONE follows the rules we all have fun together. We are a team. We

want all of our team members to succeed.

Remember, first rehearsal for 4th grade is Sept. 30th and 5th grade Oct. 2nd.

See you then!

Miss Granzow

You will be getting a form about Circle the State with Song. It is a very special extra choir performance that takes place at Hebron High School on February 28th with other choirs from the area. It is a great experience to perform with an elite group of singers. I am only allowed to send 20 students from Boone Grove to participate in this program and the cost to participate is $25. To read more about this program, click the title above. More information will also be sent home at our first rehearsal.

Goals of BGE Choir

We are tuneful, beatful, and artful.
We are not just singing words on page, but bring them to life through the artistry of our voices.
We show respect to each of our members and the community we perform for.
To those who serve

To Those Who Serve

This is one of the first songs we are going learn. It is a bit tricky, so watching and listening to the video might be helpful.