Harrisburg R-VIII Library Program

2015-2016 Annual Report

  • What was new?
  • Stats and surveys
  • Collaboration
  • Reading promotions and celebrations
  • Planning for the 2016-17 school year

What Was New in 2015-16?

  • Access to library catalogs from outside the school walls through the library website.
  • Access to EBSCOhost Databases outside the school walls via the library website with option for students 7-12 to sign-in to customize their research and create folders.
  • Stations in Elementary to reinforce teach library/information literacy skills.
  • Monthly newsletters for MS and HS students delivered to gmail highlighting new books, new book promotions/contests, etc.. Click HERE to see an example of a student library newsletter.
  • Brain break areas for both MS and HS students. These areas will be expanded for the 2016-17 school year.
  • Writing Center Hub for HS students who need information/resources for writing papers, scholarship and job applications, and for citing sources in a variety of formats.
  • Revitalization of the Library Resource Committee consisting of teachers, students, and parents.

Library Stats and Surveys

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  • The addition of the A+/Guidance and library aide position at the high school allowed time for collaboration with teachers to plan lessons using library and digital resources as well as to plan for the effective integration of technology (iPads and Chromebooks) to enhance student learning.
  • The current library schedule (fixed elementary classes in the afternoon) allowed for mornings to be utilized for "booking" time for collaborative teaching. We used youcanbookme.com to make this process efficient for all. The link to book time lives on the homepage of the library website. As a result of this opportunity, the library enjoyed a 10% increase in elementary collaboration, a 40% increase in MS collaboration, and a 75% increase in HS collaboration compared to the 2014-15 school year.
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Reading Promotions and Celebrations

Elementary/Middle School:

  • Three Scholastic Book Fairs ($3,500 in books added to libraries, $1,400 in books given away to students, $3,000 in book fair profits earned to spend on new technology, furniture, or supplies for the libraries.
  • Show Me Reader, Mark Twain, and Truman award book programs. All 1-3 grade students participate as we read the picture books together during library classes but 4th-8th grade students must choose to read and report on at least 4 of the 12 books on their grade level lists in order to vote. We had 20 students participate this year and attend the 2016 Reader's Award party held in the HEMS library.
  • Preschool classes visited the library every month for a story time and snack that matched a concept they were learning in their pre-k class that month.
  • 2nd Grade students celebrated Missouri Read In Day with a Skype visit with author Jessica Young.
  • High school artwork was featured on a rotating basis in the HS library.
  • Multiple contests were held in Middle and High Schools to encourage a love of literacy and provide an opportunity for students to showcase their talents and creativity.
  • Summer reading opportunities and programs were promoted to students in grades Pre-K-12.

Looking Forward to 2016-17

  • Addition of TitlePeek to our current Follett subscription at the K-8 library. This provides a thumbnail of the cover of each book to allow for visual search options making the library more accessible to all patrons.

  • Addition of Opposing Viewpoints database to the high school resource library. This digital cross-curricular subscription will enhance what we already utilize through MoreNet and will be be available on the library website.

*These additional resources will be added without a need to increase the library budget by redistributing monies spent on consumable (hard copy magazine subscriptions) and general supply funds at both campuses.

  • Access codes for all K-5 students for Open eBooks, a resource available for free to all Title 1 school districts. The resource allows all students to receive an access code for use at school and home on up to six devices (android and iOS).

  • Playaway collection started at HS library.

  • The LRC will draft long and short range goals for the Harrisburg Library Program.

  • Continued commitment to genuine collaboration between the librarian, teachers, and students in order impact student achievement and success, meaningfully integrate technology, and foster a professional learning community where we are learning from and sharing with others daily.


SAMR infographic by Jonathan Brubaker