What's Happening

Week of October 22, 2018


Monday, October 22

You will get an email from Heidi to sign up for the sessions on Friday.

10:00 Literacy Block

12:00 Lunch with student

1:30 ALT school meeting

2:40-3:40 SAVE YOURSELF training--Everyone will meet in the lunchroom

Tuesday, October 23

8:00 Preschool Team Meeting

9:30 CT Meeting

10:00 Literacy Block

12:00-2:00 Walk Throughs

3:00 Follow up meeting for ALT school student

3:40 10 minute Stand Up meeting-BLT

3:50 Kindness Club advisors meet

Wednesday, October 24

I am teaching Balanced Leadership all day and will be out of the building

8:00 CARE Team/Tier 2

10:30 PLC West Feeder Principals

7:20 Volleyball

Thursday, October 25

9:00 IEP Meeting

9:25-2:00 4th grade leaves on their field trip

11:00 Literacy Block

2:30 IEP meeting Sacred Heart student

5:00-7:00 Fall Festival

Friday, October 26

8:00 District Professional Development Day

Partners Observe, Reflect, and Teach (PORT)


Remember that your PORT observations will occur between Oct. 29th and Nov. 9th. Right now we have K/1 and our Foundations classrooms scheduled. Please let Niki and I know when you would like to do your visit so we can cover the classrooms. Each grade level partner will observe in the other partner's classroom during 1 hour of their Literacy Block.

This is an opportunity for you to observe. This is not evaluative. You will not need to turn anything in to me at all. Below are some things the BLT looked at for additional support if needed. We are excited to provide this opportunity to you and it aligns with our Trilateral work under the heading of Intellectual Stimulation.

You may have already determined specific things you are watching for during this observation. If you are not sure, here are some things to consider:

1. Student Engagement

2. Teacher Language

3. Conferring with students

4. Structure of the routines

5. How behavior concerns were addressed

6. Pacing of the lesson

7. Teacher communication (movement, gestures, facial expressions, vocal inflection, eye contact, and other non-verbal communication)

8. Types of materials teachers are using

Some reflective questions might be:

1. What questions do you have about anything you saw?

2. What can you take back to your toolbox from this observation?

Big picture

Must Do/May Do

I read an article this weekend called Building Capable Kids: 6 factors define assessment-capable learners who are cognitively engaged by Douglas Fisher and Nancy Frey. In it they talked a bit about Must Do/May Do. We know that student choice is in an important piece of engagement. However, we also know that life "is not a series of options, and there are times a task must be completed".

Think about it this way. A must do is something we absolutely want students to do during their Literacy Rounds. It should be intentional, purposeful and linked to their learning needs. It could be as simple as completing an Alphabet Arc everyday or finishing the task that you have just taught during small group, skills based instruction or working on their sticky notes during Read to Self that increases their comprehension. They are the pieces where WE focus the student choice. The may do then, are those additional pieces that might be great practice for students but don't ALWAYS need to be done everyday.


October 25th-Riverside Fall Festival 5:00-7:00

October 26th-District PD date--please look for more information to come from Heidi Anthony

October 29th-End of the 1st quarter-please work with your grade level partners in regard to end of quarter assessments.

October 31st-Halloween Parade and Parties-Parade starts at 2:30. Please send home information regarding classroom parties.

November 12th- 4/5 grade music program; starts at 6:30