Our Energy Efficient House

By: Zoe Adkins, Allison Tucker, & Ellen Epright

Floor plan

  • ceiling height: 10ft
  • insulation: blanket
  • leak prevention in windows: bronze weatherstripping
  • leak prevention in doors: Foam-type tape
  • heating: wood stove ventalation system
  • cooling: windows with screens
  • wattage usage: 12,794 kWh
  • appliances: electric
  • domestic hot water source: electric ground heat pump
  • energy waste management: septic tank

what makes our home energy efficicent

our house is made from red brick and we try to use electricity at the least amount,

we also have windows with screens instead of air conditioners.

we use the most inexpensive material we can find but they have to be usable and last a long time. we use incandescent instead of LED.

we use a wood stove for for heat instead of electric, and sunlight during the day instead of the electric light, and that how our home is energy efficient.

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