AISD Libs Tips 'O the Week 9/7/2015

A collection of tips and info from librarians and the LMC

After hours or inconvenient timed checkouts? Make sure they are checked out.....

"If a teacher is stealing, I mean checkout out, things after hours.

Have him/her take a photo of the barcodes & email them to you.

Then you can just scan your email to check them out the next day."

-Barb Nichols, Casis Elementary

Teaching taking of books!

"I've been reading A Perfectly Messed-Up Story by Patrick McDonnell to PreK-1st grades this week to talk about how to take care of a library book. It tries to tell the story of Louie but the reader keeps messing up the book with food/fingerprints/crayons. The kids love the real photos mixed with illustrations!"

-Minda Anderson, Becker Elementary

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Here's my tip/success from this 1st week of library....

"I took the ABC Library slideshow (Loya recently emailed out her version) that I had previously adapted and used, and made it into a BOY/Library orientation/review scavenger hunt!. I changed slides slightly for my purposes, re-sized the paper size for printing out onto 4x6 index cards, laminated them and put them up around the library. Kids each got an answer sheet (basically blanks next to alphabet letters) and were challenged to go looking around the library trying to find all the words that matched the letters (B is for BIOGRAPHY, for example). Some words were on items we use in the library (S is for SCANNER) and some were on areas that I wanted them to notice or remember (G is for GRAPHIC NOVEL, M is for MAGAZINES). I bought these cute 1/2 size mini clipboards from Scholastic last year and I have a set of 20 so mostly I have enough for each student to carry one around the library for writing down their words. It's been a fun, interactive review of our library vocabulary and resources without me talking so much. Doing this for 3rd and 4th grade."

Diane Collier, Galindo Elementary

Looking for a free online video creator....?

I have heard very good things about kizoa! Beyond allowing you to upload and edit video, you can also use this site to create slideshows and make collages. Also, you can make your own funny .gifs :)

Jenny P, resident bear of news

Using Kahoot?..

"If you are using Kahoot on any device, you can search Jane Willis Library Orientation for 2nd & 3rd Graders, or Jane Willis Library Orientation for 4th & 5th Graders"

"I searched libraries on Kahoot and found other AISD libraries contributions."

Bonnie Lang, Doss Elementary & Jenny Day, Lee Elementary

Great video on inquiry based learning! - Ellen Thibodeaux, Eastside HS

teaching inquiry learning

Inventory tip

"When scanning books for your library inventory, be certain to hardwire to your internet connection, instead of counting on your wifi! This could save you a lot of missing items if your wifi connection isn't ideal!

Wish I would've been told this *the day* I walked into this place!"

:+) Julie Underwood – Travis Heights

Instructional Technology's website a technology bond information

This site was created to give you access to the work that Marc Thrall, Howard Martin, Vanessa Jones, Shelley May, and Diane Gustafson do. There is a great deal of information here, especially regarding the 2013 Technology bond. I highly recommend everyone read through it and book mark it!

Stay tuned for some information regarding monthly meetings!! Exciting things are in the works!

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