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All About Walt

Hello my name is Walt Easley I am currently a junior at Marshall high school. I enjoy learning about sciences such as anatomy and biology, sports, and spending quality time with friends and family. I enjoy science classes because being an athlete I like to learn how our body works so I can help myself perform better in sports, eat a healthy diet, understand the benefits from exercise, and understand how all of our body's system function. I find the body extremely interesting and I love learning new things. I really wish our school offered a nutrition course I look forward to participating in that course in college as well as many other anatomy and physiology related courses. I love sports and physical activity in general my favorite sport is wrestling, all though I also enjoy football a large amount. I love wrestling because all though it is an individual sport on the mat it is so much more teamwork than you can imagine. You need to have a wrestling partner you can trust that will work hard and push you to be the best you can be. I have never had a better connection with a team than in wrestling. I sincerely care for absolutely everyone on my team. Wrestling is not just a sport it is a lifestyle for 3 months you are absolutely dedicated to wrestling you have to diet properly, train hard every day of the week, help your teammates prepare to be the best they can be, and you have to wake up ridiculously early to go to middle of nowhere to wrestle. My favorite part of wrestling is seeing my wrestling partners and teammates be successful and the happiness it brings everyone on the team when they win a match. I work many in Lions club events such as ice fisheree, steak and lobster fest, and easter egg hunt. I enjoy giving back to the community because it gives me a great feeling when I can see people enjoying themselves and having genuine fun. I also remember as a kid I loved the Easter bunny and the celebration of other holidays like that are very good for children to enjoy and remember as great experiences. I really like working with people.


Walt Easley

5671 Hwy 73 South Marshall, WI 53559 Cell # 608-216- 8092 Email address easleydj@earthlink.net High School Student Age 17 will graduate June 2017


-Problem solver

-Highly organized and ability to multi-task

-People person, likes to help others

-Ability to train, motivate

-A team player

Activities and Achievements

-Volunteer with community Lions events

-Volunteer with Marshall Area Business Association

-Tutors Elementary student

-Leo club Member

-Did volunteer work at concessions for farm Technical days

-Football player and 3 time captain


-Cub Scouts

-helped volunteer work with Freshman orientation

-helped volunteer work for local special Olympics

-Helped volunteer work for local library eagle project

Helped lay sod at converse park with football team

-Volunteer worked for chain gang for youth football team

-Volunteer worked as easter bunny for lions easter egg hunt

-work with lions club in Marshall parade handing out candy

-volunteer worked as a referee at wrestling youth tournament

-worked conncessions at Girls basketball games

Marshall, WI

-Education - Attending Marshall High School


TJ Hanson- School Social Worker 608-655- 1588 ext. 257

email thansen@marshallschools.org

Coach Matt Kleinheinz - 608-655- 1310 ext. 503, email


Danielle Bendt science teacher

email dbendt@marshallschools.org Phone 655 1310

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Academics Continued

Medical terminology, Anatomy, chemistry, and biology helped me enrich my science knowledge a lot. I also plan on adding to that knowledge by enrolling in AP biology and physics. I also learned a lot from personal finance and plan on expanding my financial knowledge by enrolling in accounting. I have learned many skills in working with real life finances such as tax returns and balancing a check book. In anatomy i learned about how to diagnose a patient with a disease in a project where we learned about a the digestive and urinary system. ]The thing I learned most from my 3 years in high school is you get out what you put in. Here is an example of a project I completed for Anatomy. https://docs.google.com/a/marshallschools.org/document/d/1omJTIxI8owfnGapDD8Q5J0BzpbFHg8D7t9UOCSQ5HeU/edit?usp=sharing

Activities and experiences

Very important experiences I have had were from sports, school, and working in the community. Sports have helped me develop as an individual by forcing me to be dedicated, hardworking, a team player, communicate, and a humble person. Sports have really helped me realize how hard works pays off and if you have dreams you cannot let your dreams be dreams you have to put in the work and go after it. From my experience in sports I have realized after the end of many seasons at the end of the day I never regret any of the hard work I put in I only regret all the things I did not do to perform the best I could. I learned a lot from participating in the course healthcare career exploration because it has helped me think about what skills I have and what jobs interest me. This course made me really think about my future who I am and who I wanna be and what I need to do to get there.

Career Path

I learned a lot from the high school course healthcare career exploration. I have two occupations that I currently plan on pursuing Physical therapy or nursing. I still have a lot to learn and experience in life so I am not 100% sure about these jobs , but currently these occupations are what I attend on becoming. My senior year I am taking Physics, AP Biology, Leadership, Psychology, Accounting, and college reading and writing. I chose difficult course such as AP Biology and Physics because I have read these are classes that are helpful for these careers. I have not yet decided what college I would like to go to yet, but I consider Carroll, UW Lacrosse, and Madison college my top three college programs. I plan on enrolling in a Phlebotomy course and working as a phlebotomist. I believe this is a great a stepping stone for my future. I am not one hundred percent sure which career I will pursuit yet, but I am excited to start working towards either one.