City Yoga Lessons

Qasim 8E


Maryam wants to become a architect and she thinks that she will be good at that kind of job and will be suitable for her career. She likes to draw blueprints and sketches of objects. Maryam thinks that she is very organized and I think if you want to be a architect you have to organize your tools at all times because architect ring is a hard job and not easy .

Maryam has one sister and one brother and her family went to London- England .She would like to go to Paris with her family and she thinks it is a nice and beautiful place to visit. There's good weather there and good sites so take a look at them and enjoy it.

Maryam is a academic student every time we have a test Maryam get 90s and higher . She does very good at all of the subjects that we have in school .She is an excellent student in math and science and I think she is a smart and a exploring person. Maryam likes to read a lot and I see her reading in class sometimes . Maryam likes knitting a lot cause it calms her down when there are a lot of things due in class or a presentation in front of the class. Sometimes when she gets her tests back or report cards .

Maryam hobbies are knitting and reading. Maryam does knitting because it clams her down when there's a problem or when there's a really big test and that is why knitting is one of her hobbies. Maryam likes reading books because it is interesting and adventures and reading action books or sad and happy and she likes to watch movies and all types of movies and it is relaxing for her .