How does Tv effect sports?

Reasoning for the popularity of sports.

What TV does to change the way we know sports.

1. TV is one of the best ways to know what's going on in the world of sports. It covers a lot of information, and goes over the best plays. Many people actually prefer to stay at home than going to the game. It can be more exciting due to camera angles, slow motion, and multiple replays.

2. TV popularizes, supports, and dominates sports, specifically football, basketball and baseball. If ESPN started to play all sports for the same amount of time and give it equal credit, then no sport would be that much more popular and sports would stop dying out.

3. TV has changed the way that sports originally were. For example, games now have imposed timeouts to fit in commercials. There are also way more interveiws with coaches and players, and a lot more money is put into it. They also started showing the draft, which before TV no one really cared about.


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