Line Graph

Graph your life in a line.

Main purpose

To show the difference of two variables during a period of time.

Example of when you would use a line graph

When would you want to use one

There are many situations that involve line graphs. Examples would include rainfall, population, temperature, money, supply and demand, or anything that has to do with time series data.

Advantages and Disadvantages

Can compare multiple continuous data sets easily.
You can use a broken scale if the data start at a large number.

Use only with continuous data.
Inaccurate if drawn free hand.

How to creat one

  1. Draw the positive 'y' and 'x' axis.
  2. Label the lines with the appropriate constant numbers for your data.
  3. Add the title and label the axis.
  4. Plot data in your graph.
  5. Connect the dots in order of which you plot it.
  6. Add a key if necessary.

Created by

Jaylen Carter
Tamia Reed
Abbygayle M-B
Xabdiel Nunez