My name is Julia and I have 14 years old.

- I'm from Málaga but when I was 4 I came to Seville.

- I love travel with my family.

- I will like to travel to India.

- This summer I went to Athens for 5 weeks.

- I love the Italian and Greek food.

- In september I was in Bretagne (France) in a exchange, and this year I will go one more time.

- My Exchange partner is Margaux and she is so simpathetic.

- I have one brother and one sister.

- My brother Marcos is 10 years old.

- My sister Zaida is 22 years old.

- I like all sports, but my favourites sports are basketball and athletics.

- I practice athletics in the stadium of the Cartuja.

- I love go out with my friends.

- My best Friends are Paula, Reyes and Lucia.

- My favourites singers are One Republic and Maklemore.

- My favourite writer is "Blue Jeans".

- I love the languages because I can talk with people of other countries.