Collins Elementary

Daily BULLetin!

WHO's not here today?

Lynch in for Brunner
Langley Bandy in for Courtney
Pamela Porter in for Walsh (PM)
Kathy Vannarsdall (cafe)


Dates on the Horizon

18th- Dec.13th-- 1st grade FOOD DRIVE!

20th- no bank of Ky
21st- Health Department Audit
22nd- PBIS District audit

27th- 29thNo School- Happy Thanksgiving


3rd- Florence Tree Lighting Ceremony (2nd grade representing Collins)
4th- Faculty meeting
6th- Collins Caring Companion Breakfast- PK room 8:45 - 9:15
6th- AR STORE!

10th- 5th grade Chorus Concert
11th- Committee Release meeting day

11th- Ky Derby for 3rd- 5th
12th- Chorus field trip for 5th grade members
12th- Unite to read with 3rd grade and BCHS- 3:40 to 5:00 Gym and Cafe
13th- Staff Breakfast
13th- Last day for 1st grade Food Drive
13th- Gift wrapping in PK room
16th- SBDM council meeting
19th- Holiday Luncheon for the Staff 10:45 - 2 in Library

6th- Back to school from Break
27-31st Career and Science Week
29th- COSI for 2nd - 5th grades (limit 500)


Simplify your language, not the content.

Speak directly to the student, emphasizing important nouns and verbs.
Avoid using slang and idiomatic expressions. New vocabulary should be presented, discussed and used prior to teaching content.

You can talk until you're blue in the face but they won't make heads or tails of it until you lend them a helping hand.

Just Because..... You really wanted something else to look at! (over achievers!!!)

Amanda Kasselmann had to leave for a family emergency, please keep her in your prayers! Also!!! Her speech kiddos WILL NOT be seen today!

JEANS DAY???? Money do FRIDAY!!! No exceptions! :) Money due to Goble.

Heads Up...

Still collecting Jeans day $$- Last day to "pay to play" is the 22nd.

This message was brought to you by...... you know who!

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