Australia National Identity

By Rebekah Clement

Anzac Legend

The landing of Gallipoli was seen as a legend of courage and endurance amongst death and despair. in the face of low leadership from London. War journalist, such as Charles Bean, hailed the Australian for their dash in aggression and doggedness in defence and the Anzac legend was born.

The Beach, The Bush and The Outback

The beach

More of Australia's population goes and live close to the beach and coastline has a special place in Australia name.

Australian coastline is where three of the world's biggest ocean's meet: the Pacific, Indian and Southern oceans.

The bush

The bushes in Australia are life and features strongly in an argument about national identity like expressed in:

Australia literature


popular music



The outback

Australia deserts painting regarded as the 'outback' of Australia. The powerful symbol of place and it has been inspired and helped define Australia's names .

The Lucky Country

For most australians the expression 'The lucky country' has a appropriate resonance. Donald Horne's famous words have been used in a different way to identity everything that is great about our democracy.

Folklore (Incl.Aboriginal Myths)

Australian folklore is based on common beliefs, myth and customs of a group, handed down though generations. Folklore says the stories and experiences of people in way that factual account cannot: conveying emotions,hopes and fears though time and place.