The Doomsday Box

by: Herbie Brennan

Book Summary

Michael, Opal, Danny, and Fuschia are teenagers who work for the CIA because they have supernatural talents. These talents include going out-of-body to view other places, and seeing the future.The four are sent on a time-traveling mission when a time traveler releases the black plague into modern times. They go back to the 1960s in order to stop the other time traveler, who is called Cobra. The group must go to Russia to find Cobra, and while they are there Michael and Opal are kidnapped by the KGB. They manage to escape and get to Cobra in order to convince him not to send the Plague through time. After they convince Cobra, however, they end up changing the space-time continuum, and find out they may cause a nuclear war. Cobra and the team end up preventing the war, and make it back home safely, although they do cause some minor changes in the future.


This book is written from a first person point of view, but the point of view changes every chapter. With each chapter, Opal, Michael, Fuschia, and Danny take turns telling their story. So, really, the point of view is omniscient 3rd person overall. The genre of this book is scientific fiction, and the theme seems to be saying how wishing to change the past will only change the future. I enjoyed the thrill of this book and it left me wondering what would happen next. It was well written, and combined four points of view well. I would recommend this book to lovers of science fiction, and also anyone who enjoys the idea of time travel, because the book focuses mostly on the four characters traveling through time.

Smore by Colton Siebert