This Week In Room 411

Week of May 9, 2016


End-of-Year Awards in our classroom this Friday at 11:30 am.

Monday, May 9th

  • M-Day: PE/Music
  • Band

Tuesday, May 10th

  • E-Day: Art
  • Band

Wednesday, May 11th

  • T-Day: Library/Counselor
  • Last Day for Band
  • Bring in item for This Is Mine Poetry

Thursday,May 12th

  • C-Day: PE/Music

Friday, May 13th

  • No Specials due to Field Day
  • Field Day 9am-11am and 1pm-3pm
  • Field Day Tug of War at 3pm
  • Classroom Awards at 11:30am in our classroom
  • 50 cent Friday

Monday, May 16th

  • O-Cmputers


Reading/Social Studies

This week will complete the Revolutionary War Battles project. We will then move into the Articles of Confederation and the United States Constitution.


Last week we only got as far as our balloon poetry. So, this week we will continue to work on haiku, I See, and then This Is Mine poetry. Students should bring their item for This Is Mine poetry by Wednesday.


This week we devote a great deal of time to designing and building a package that will allow an egg to be dropped without cracking. Students will be allowed to bring materials from home. However, I have final approval on materials. No ready made containers will be allowed. Students will design, test, redesign, and retest their container. We test shoulder height, step ladder height, and then a tall ladder height. The final drop is when we drop them off the roof next week. This is a great project in which they learn to work more closely as a team and the importance of testing a design and then making adjustments based on the results.


This week our focus is on:

  • learn and understand how to draw line plots, interpret points, and recognize outliers
  • collect and record data in frequency tables and line plots, interpret data
  • make a line plot from data in a frequency table
  • use information in a line plot to solve problems involving the data

Most days students will be able to finish their math practice in class. However, at home they could work on math facts, either through flashcards or In addition, spend ten to fifteen minutes on to practice our current concepts. If your child has mastered the ones for Numbers Base Ten, then move on to geometry as this is often one that interests students and one they can accomplish independently. Any time your child is requesting more math opportunities, direct them to this site. They are familiar with it.

Turn Markers Into Energy

Below you will find information on how we can turn used markers, dry erase markers, and highlighters into energy. Please read and then send in any you may have. This program was brought to us by a Starside second grader.
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