Building is Closed

Distance Learning Continues


Tubman community,

First and foremost, I hope everyone is safe during these times. Please stay indoors as much as possible. If you are experiencing any hardships, please do not hesitate to contact me. Everyone, please take care.

As we are experiencing the fires, remnants of smoke, and challenging air quality, the building will be closed tomorrow. That means that we have to postpone our 8th-grade materials distribution and reschedule for both 7th/8th grade scholars. A future date will be shared when the weather forecast demonstrates clearing.

Distance learning is still scheduled. Tomorrow is the last day of the soft-start schedule. If your scholar is unable to log in due to hardships, they will be excused. Safety for everyone is paramount to me.


Tomorrow, all scholars will log in to their 8th-period class at 9:30 a.m. This will be the only class tomorrow. The scholars' day will be done at 11:10 am. Scholars will log in to a google meet code that is aligned to their eighth-period class. The format code to log in to their eighth-period class is the Teacher's last name, the word, period # (no spaces, and all lower case). e.g., zookperiod8. If your scholar's schedule states "TBD" for the teacher, please use the course subject in place of the teacher's last name (mathperiod8, healthperiod#, scienceperiod#, avidperiod#).

If your scholar is unsure or confused, please email an administrator:,, or You can also contact Ms. Holmes at

Please click on the following link for the soft-start schedule:


On Monday, September 14th, we will begin the virtual instructional schedule. On the schedule, some abbreviations and terms might need further clarification. The link will explain the definitions of the abbreviations and terms on the schedule.

The following link is to the virtual instructional schedule:


Please contact Ms. Holmes. She will gladly assist you with your password and other technology needs. Please email her at

As always, you can email the school for information on Chromebooks and Hotspots availability.

Please email Ms. Brown,, Ms. Maharry,, and Ms. Smith-Myles,

Thank you, and please stay safe.

Proud Principal Mair

Harriet Tubman Middle School