Literary Devices Found in Two Kinds

Brandon M. Hughes 8/24/2012


This story took place in San Francisco Chinatown which is the largest Chinatown outside of Asia as well as the oldest Chinatown in North America. It is one of the top tourist attractions in San Francisco. You can use this site to learn more about the attractions, culture, history, and events in Chinatown. If you plan to visit us, you can book a Chinatown tour, hotel rooms, and more.


Our characters were from asian ancestory since she can't speak english aswell as her daughter and she also grew up in china along with chinatown San Francisco.  Jing-Mei was a child how wasn't talented at something but her mother wanted to change that by moving to america and showing Jing that she can do anything and be a prodigy at it.  Later in the story however Jing gets no talents and just starts to develop depression from her failure.  Her mother is used as a character of enforcement and wisdom as she always tell Jing right from wrong but doesn't know what Jing wants in the prodigy set.


The plot is about a girl named Jing-Mei who was born in china having her mother tell he about how in america anyone can be a prodigy.  So with that in her mind they moved to america San Francisco to make her daughter a prodigy.  She tries and tries and tries but never gets a chance for the prodigy to sprak up.  She then was quitting and gave up on the prodigy dream.  Until her mother came across piano on TV and made her daughter use it and learn it.  She then got disappointed to see her daughter being horrible at piano to the point where she never gave up until of her daughters fighting.  The story shows compasion and sympathy for all the characters as they go through things in there life they don't want to to do or see.  The climax was when the piano recital she fails and her mother realises she failed her and herself for being who she is and wants her daughter to be.

Theme and Symbolism

The theme and symbolism in the story are one and one alike and show the same type of outcome.  For one the symbolism in the story follows the piano since it showed forgiveness so as the story progressed it showed it aswell with her feeling sorry for her failures and her mother being sorry for her.  Another encounter was the symbol of bravery and courage since the girl always wanted to do the things her mom asked her to do and also showed how her mother reacted to ehr having courage when she told everyone about her daughter's piano recital.

Internal & External Conflict

Internal confict occurs every time she does one of the things her mother makes her do.  Internal also occurs when she tries to learn piano but then jsut gets lazy and decides to skim a couple of things to seem as though she was playing.  External conflict however occurs whenever her and her mother try to do something new for her prodigy life and it aswell occurs during the fight with her mother where they gave up for good.

Extra Information

The daughter, Jing-Mei, saw in the mirror failure since she couldn't see a spark of genius or any sign of a prodigy hidden in her that would come out one day.  She chose failure for a sign of doubt that she never had a talent she could be good at or ever would have to talk about to anyone or even make her own mother proud of what she did with that specific talent.The mother and the daughter were both on the same path at the start then both spearated incredibly more and more as the story progress.  More and more she became doubtful of her talents and later just gave up.  While she gave up her mother kept on pushing to make her the prodigy she wishes she could be.Her mother has been through alow since she had a very bad incident with children in her past for how the daughter brought up to change her life forever.  The mother has been dreaming of america for years then finally moves to make her daughter a prodigy becuase of an incident that occured.