Bottle Nose Dolphins

smartest marine mamal

learn about Bottle Nose Dolphins

Did you know that bottle nose dolphins are as smart as humans! The bottle nose dolphin has a communication system almost harder then ours. Because of this system the dolphins make up words every day all the time.

One cool fact

Bottle nose dolphins sleep close to surface so they can get air. So they can stay alive while sleeping they decide which side of their brain gets to fall asleep. When that side is done sleeping it wakes up and the other side goes to sleep!

some of the dolphins in ACTION!!

Some of the different kinds of dolphins

  • Bottle nose : this dolphin has a long nose and can be up to 15 feet long
  • Amazon river: this dolphin swims upside down and feels with it's fins
  • Atlantic spotted: this dolphin when fully grown is 7 and 1 half feet long
  • Atlantic hump backed: this dolphin is 3 feet when first born