When it's time to let go

By:DonnaCooner Published By:Scholastic on 8/23/14 pages=260

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Character Description

The main character of the story is Torrey Grey. Torrey Grey has a teen beauty blog and she got famous for her blog. Torrey Grey is a teenager when she starts her blog.Torrey had a sister named Miranda Grew who was killed in a car accident. Miranda Grew she was 12 years old when that fatal accident happened. Luis is one of Torrey new friends and he is the same age as Torrey.Luis is one of the friends that Torrey can actually trust and talk to him about everything. Torrey's dad is trying to cheer Torrey up. Torrey and her dad have a strong relationship and they help each other out.

Plot Summary

Torrey Grew is famous, At least on the internet. Thousands of people watch her popular videos on fashion and beauty. But then Torrey's sister is killed in an accident maybe because of Torrey and her videos Torrey world goes from 100 to 0. Now people online are bashing her. Torrey is being hurt by the mean comments and saying mean things about her. Torrey and her dead sister,and her parents move to Texas. They move to start a new life without Miranda (Torrey dead sister). Which lead to the climax of the story. Which is getting a new life,going to a new school, making friends. Torrey thought moving to texas was another thin layer of sadness pushed down on top of all the grief. Then Torrey first day of school come,and she makes a few friends. A month later she cant decide on what friend to trust and tell everything to. It's all between Blair which only interested in Torrey's infamy. Or Raylene who is unpopular,but seems to accept Torrey for who she is. Or Luis with brooding dark eyes, whose family runs the local funeral home. At the end of the story she find the correct person to actually trust and the bad coments stop. Torrey actually has a happy life after all, but she goes and visits her sister at the grave.


The conflict of the story is that Torrey and her family had to move to texas. It was the conflict because she had to start a new life, and new school,new friends. For Torrey it was a hard time finding a friend that she could trust and tell everything to.It was also hard for Torrey to start a new life without her sister.Torrey still missed her sister so much so that made It hard for her to start a new life. She had a hard time at school because she did not know anybody.It also made it hard for Torrey having a new house and moving because she missed her old friends. Put the hardest thing for her is not having her sister by her side. Torrey said that when she lost her sister she felt like losing her best friend.

Title Explanacion

Another good title for this book would be "It is time to let go". This title would work because Torrey Grey she can't let go of her sister memory after she passed away. Another thing why this title could work,is because she at the end of the story finally accepted that her sister is gone. One important thing why the title Can't Let go is important because it tells how Torrey Grey is still stuck with her sister's memory.Another thing the title is important is because she in the story misses her friends. Another thing the title is important is because it when the family moved they missed there old house.

Book Review

This book was good and interesting at the same time. The author could of added a little more detail. The thing i really liked about the book is that they gave a lot of detail of the main character. One thing that i disliked was that it did not really gave a lot of detail with the conflict. This book also had really interesting parts but some parts were a little boring. Over all i did like the book it had really sad, but interesting.